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In  Reddit In 2023 the supply vs. demand game that determines the price of a cryptocurrency, one element is decisive: market sentiment. More than the fundamental value or the utility of a project, it is the bullish or bearish sentiment that moves the cursor toward buyers or sellers. And among the privileged epicenters of the crypto sphere, we find Reddit and more precisely the subreddits of traders. Focus today on the cryptos that are the most talked about on Reddit.

Chimpzee Reddit In 2023 (CHMPZ): the green crypto with high potential according to Reddit In 2023

“Chimpzee to the moon! “  Here are the kind of posts that we currently find on Reddit, proof of growing enthusiasm for the project still in the pre-sale phase.

Chimpzee is indeed a web3 start-up whose goal is to fight against deforestation, poaching, and ecological problems. To do this, he donates to associations, commits to planting trees, and promotes his token, CHMPZ, which is built on the ERC-20 standard and is based on Ethereum.


In addition to its defense of the environmental and animal cause, this project also stands out for its possibility of winning awards. You can earn passive income in three ways:

  1. Chimpzee Shop is an online store that offers unique and exclusive items. Via its Shop2Earn concept, on this eShop, you will be able to buy items while receiving rewards in CHMPZ tokens.
  2. Chimpzee NFT Marketplace, an NFT marketplace where you can earn CHMPZ tokens through Trade2Earn. Indeed, Chimpzee shares NFT trading fees with their holders
  3.  Chimpzee’s Zero Tolerance is a thrilling Play2Earn game where you face poachers and those who contribute to endangering nature. Top players are rewarded with free CHMPZ tokens.

What are the opinions on Reddit compared to Deelance Reddit In 2023?

“I was surprised by the quality of the freelancers available on Deelance. I managed to find an excellent freelancer for a very reasonable rate. ” 

“Deelance is a fairly standard platform for finding freelancers. If you’re looking for something specialized, you might need to look elsewhere. ” 

Deelance - cryptocurrency according to Reddit

Deelance is a freelance work platform that connects freelancers with clients in different fields such as marketing, web development, translation, design, etc. Clients can find qualified freelancers for their projects and benefit from a rating system to select qualified professionals. Payments for freelancers are managed by the platform and project management tools are also available to facilitate collaboration between the two parties. Deelance thus allows direct communication between freelancers and clients, ease of payment, and successful collaboration.

It is with this exceptional symbiosis that user reviews on Reddit are as positive as they are.

Ecoterra, opinions on Reddit are unanimous Reddit In 2023:

We Reddit In 2023 all agree that reviews cannot be lacking on a cutting-edge product like the Ecoterra platform. The opinions on the platform are also so numerous and diverse that we have just summarized a few points of view. On the platform:

  • Some users praise the quality of Ecoterra’s green products and how durable and environmentally friendly they are;
  • Other comments mention fast delivery and good customer service;
  • However, there are also criticisms of the high prices of Ecoterra’s products and expensive shipping costs for international shipments;
  • Some people have also reported delays in delivery or errors in their orders.

Opinions according to Reddit crypto threads are more geared toward Ecoterra’s influence on ecology. This platform has placed particular emphasis on issues relating to green energy and the preservation of the environment. To better understand this user engagement, we must already know more about Ecoterra.

Ecoterra - crypto to buy according to Reddit

Ecoterra Crypto is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency aimed at encouraging eco-responsible practices. This currency uses a proof-of-work system, similar to that of Bitcoin, but with a more environmentally friendly algorithm called Equihash.

Their strategy is to use part of the profits to finance environmental projects, such as planting trees or cleaning water. By using this cryptocurrency, users can participate in the protection of the environment while carrying out transactions.

This approach is highly appreciated by the community of ecologists who see it as an action aimed at encouraging the preservation of the environment.

 Ripple (XRP): promising solution for crypto companies according to Reddit In 2023

Ripple logo - crypto redditXRP is the most active in the r/XRP and r/Ripple subreddits. It must be said that Ripple Labs has been engaged since 2015 in a legal battle with the SEC, the US stock market policeman, and that it has already had to put more than 100 million dollars in legal fees on the table.

If this trial enjoys such strong media coverage and the web is passionate about – public – debates, it is because it is the most important legal case of the blockchain. Concretely, it will create several precedents to distinguish between “  security token  ” (a financial instrument regulated by the SEC) and “  utility token  ” (a utility crypto, outside the scope of the SEC).

However, several clues indicate that Ripple is winning this lawsuit, forcing the SEC to give clear regulations on the issuance of cryptocurrencies. A breath of fresh air that allows XRP to resume its international crypto payment projects for banks and large companies.

 Polygon (MATIC): among the top Web 3.0 cryptos according to Reddit In 2023

polygon - best cryptocurrency according to RedditSubreddits of individuals left behind by the collapse of the Terra (LUNA) blockchain seem to be finding some semblance of positives: over 50 projects on the defunct network have already migrated to the Polygon network, and are starting to work again.

This is a response to congestion problems on Ethereum. The network is significantly cheaper than Ethereum while being compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the decentralized supercomputer that hosts the applications.

Several protocols supported by institutional players have also chosen Polygon for its carbon footprint, which is compatible with ESG financial standards: Polygon requires between 1 to 10 kWh per transaction, or the equivalent of 5 to 20 km with the same type of car.

The MATIC equation is therefore simple: more dApps on its network, more trading volumes, and more likely to see a bullish MATIC.UPDATE: Terra projects have begun migration. Over 48 projects and counting… including @OnePlanet_NFT, an exclusive @0xPolygon marketplace, and @DerbyStars_HQ!

It was so awesome to help and welcome all these wonderful developers to our thriving ecosystem!

Welcome! 💜 $MATIC

— Ryan Wyatt (@Fwiz) July 8, 2022

 Shiba Inu (SHIB): one of the best crypto memes to buy according to Reddit In 2023

Shiba Inu - best crypto reddit

Shiba Inu (SHIB): one of the best crypto memes to buy according to Reddit In 2023

SHIB has been rocking the Reddit, Twitter, and Discord web with technical updates since the beginning of the year. We will remember its crazy performance in 2021 (+43,800,000%!): if you had invested $3 in January 2021, you would have found yourself at Christmas with $1.3 million under the trees.

The developers of Shiba Inu have not been idle for all that. After the creation of a decentralized exchange protocol ( ShibaSwap ), now they are launching a layer 2 blockchain (called Shibarium) to find a solution to the high fees of the Ethereum network. At the same time, they are launching a dedicated universe, called Shibaverse.

All of this has an impact on SHIB’s adoption and growing fan base on Reddit, but not necessarily on its course. To match its 2021 performance, SHIB would need to climb to around $4.80. Theoretically, it would capitalize it at more than 2.8 quadrillion, or 1200 times more than Apple. In short, it is impossible. The developers’ solution lies in ”  burns  “: reducing the number of existing SHIBs from 589 trillion to around 1.28 billion.

Polkadot: interoperability on several blockchains Reddit In 2023

polkadot - crypto redditOn-chain analysts and the most technical crypto subreddits are abuzz with hacks that target “  bridges  ”, these blockchain bridges that connect native networks: Ronin (600 million dollars stolen), Harmony, Nomad, Wormhole …

It turns out that the DeFi ecosystem has become far too dependent on these bridges, based on wrapping mechanisms: these consist of blocking, for example, BTC on chain A, to reissue a wrapped version of the BTC on chain B, with a distinctive name (stBTC, wBTC, renBTC, …).

An ultra-vulnerable model to which Polkadot provides a brilliant solution with the XCM, a sort of Holy Grail of interoperability. Exit the bridges, the different chains compatible with Polkadot can therefore send native tokens as they are.

The bullish potential of DOT is therefore closely linked to the arrival of a powerful DeFi ecosystem on the Polkadot ecosystem. Remember that this is made up of a core (called “  relay chain  ”) and several atomic blockchains (“para chains”), the most used of which are Acala, MoonBeam, Parallel Finance, Astar, and Clover.

Ethereum: second crypto with the strongest community Reddit In 2023

Ethereum - best cryptocurrency according to reddit

Ethereum’s move from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake is the hot topic of 2022 on the r/Ethereum and r/EthTrader subreddits. “ The Merge ” (the considered event in the history of blockchain.

First, the transition implies that the entire ecosystem of applications built on Ethereum will have to be backward compatible with the new network. However, we are talking about hundreds of billions in funds blocked and in circulation!

Then because the switch to proof of stake, whose simulations have gone smoothly on the Ethereum testnets since the end of 2021 ( RopstenSepoliaGoerli ), will leave an entire industry of miners. Several early miners threaten to “secession” and demanded that proof of work be maintained.

The linked to the choice of protocols to migrate to proof of stake. The stablecoins USDC and USDT have already announced that they will support proof of stake!

Bitcoin: the biggest community on Reddit In 2023

Bitcoin - reddit cryptocurrency

Besides the return of BTC to key support of $21,000, it is the reimbursement of customers of the defunct Mt. Gox platform that has been agitating since the r/Bitcoin subreddit and the financial media for several weeks.

The one share, with a potentially devastating price 

After an obstacle course of almost more than eight years, how can we prove these cheated customers wrong, forced to HODL their bitcoins for three successive bullish cycles? Even at the current price, these clients are already at x80 or x100 of their initial investment.

We know that Bitcoin sets the pace for all crypto markets and that the “whales” have been blithely accumulating BTC since June. The arrival of 137,000 BTC rebound glimpsed since mid-July.

Block: crypto with more than 6.2K members on Reddit In 2023

Lucky Block - best crypto according to RedditLucky Block quickly became a hot topic on Reddit. Indeed, no project is like it: to offer one of the NFT contests on the blockchain. With Lucky Block, daily draws, payout of winnings, list of past winners, accumulated prize pool, etc. all this is visible to everyone on an application hosted by the Binance Smart Chain.

The LBLOCK token serves as the currency for the project, starting with the purchase of tickets for the daily draws. LBLOCK holders also receive passive income with each draw, 10% of the sums collected. Thus, the more LBLOCK you hold, the more “dividends” you earn with each draw.

Where LBLOCK has the potential to do x10 before the end of 2022 is because the Lucky Block project risks grabbing market share from more traditional contests. A particularly opaque sector to which the blockchain brings radical transparency…


In  Reddit In 2023 sum, this article presents several cryptos likely. To offer attractive returns on investment in 2023 according to Reddit. However, it is important before making an investment decision. Reddit’s trader subreddits are still an interesting source of information to consult to understand market trends. It is any investment decision.

Among the subreddits we monitor daily are the following:

  • r/CryptoCurrencies : generalist
  • r/Bitcoin and r/BitcoinBeginners : spaces for consultation on BTC
  • r/Binance : official subreddit of the #1 platform
  • r/DeFi: all about DeFi protocols
  • r/WallStreetBetsCrypto and r/CryptoMarkets: two hotspots in the crypto sphere

ThisYpredict, which is best placed to make x10 at the end of the year.


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