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When The best crypto company wants to attract new investors, it can launch an IDO and thus raise funds for its project. An alternative form of the ICO, this process has gained popularity in recent years with investors, but also with companies. Advantages, details, and differences between IDO cryptos and ICO, we suggest you review the best IDO cryptos to invest in 2023  to know more.

 Launchpad XYZ, the major tool for the investor:

crypto IoT launchpad

If you want to know more and especially support innovative projects, the Crypto Launchpad is the tool for you. In recent years, it has grown enormously in popularity in the crypto sphere. Its main interest is that its operation varies and adapts perfectly according to the type of platform you are interested in, whether it is an independent platform, whether it is independent, decentralized, or parallel to another. Funding crypto projects has never been easier, thanks to Decentralized Finance. In addition, you can control everything from your different access points, PC, phone, or tablet.

First, a Crypto Launchpad establishes a list of projects that investors might be interested in, to give them time to take a closer look and possibly invest, using tokens. Generally speaking, the price of released tokens corresponds directly to the launch price. This is the main reason why those who want to make a profit are attracted, especially as the list of cryptos offered continues to grow.

Knowing that in the future, all areas of our lives will inevitably evolve, it is a multitude of innovative projects that will be at your fingertips through the Crypto Launchpad. It will be up to you to invest, according to your strategy or your centers of interest. Thanks to the easy linking of potential investors with innovations, everyone can easily come out as a winner. You will be able to buy tokens and introduce them directly on the platform, after having the specific conditions for each transaction. You will therefore be similar to a shareholder of a company that has purchased assets on the stock exchange, except that the process is much simpler for you, and the gains may be greater. The Launchpad is a work tool that you need,

 GIGCO (GIG): For the Love of Music

gigco IoT crypto

Unique in its kind, the GIGCO project offers a whole range of music, concerts, and tickets. If many services today come to compete with it, GIGCO gives originality by being based on the Solana blockchain. The objective is to deploy smart contracts on live concerts to remunerate artists differently.

GIGCO aims to provide a specific solution as in the case of Shiba Inu and Dogelon Mars. Indeed, it is primarily aimed at music lovers wishing to remunerate their favorite artists as they should. The music industry is becoming increasingly complex, and artists sometimes struggle to get paid properly. GIGCO, therefore, presents itself as a very honorable project that will not fail to bring investors closer to their favorite groups.

General information

  • Sector: Music industry, NFTs
  • Start of IDO: Last quarter of 2021
  • End of IDO: 2nd quarter 2023

LOFI (LOFI): The crypto music streaming solution

lofi best crypto IDO

Based on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), LOFI offers an enriched music streaming solution as well as musical NFTs. While the music industry struggles to remunerate its artists fairly, LOFI offers itself as a little extra that would bring artists and fans closer together by marketing works in the form of NFTs.

With a relatively simple mode of operation like Binance Smart Chain, LOFI promises to balance the scales for artists on the one hand and to serve fans on the other. Each piece can thus become unique again, and investors can now collect them, as one would collect vinyl.

General information

  • Sector: Music industry, NFT
  • Start of IDO: June 2021
  • End of IDO: End of 2022

solar Shepard (SHEPARD): Safe DeFi

solar shepard IoT crypto

Solar Shepard presents itself as a DeFi platform that makes it possible to exchange tokens on the Solana network. Its advantage lies in the obligation to block newly created smart contracts for at least 3 months to eliminate rug pulls, thus making DeFi much safer. Investors can therefore invest in this new crypto to trade with their eyes closed.

Not only is the project beautiful, but it is timely. At a time when DeFi is making more and more progress, too many scams are still taking place. The SHEPARD, therefore, falls at exactly the right time to provide more guarantee and security to investors, even to the most reluctant among us.

General information

  • Sector: DeFi
  • Start of IDO: January 2022
  • End of IDO: mid-September 2022

Koakuma (KKMA): Blockchain’s most epic battles

koakuma best crypto IDO

For lovers of epic fights, Koakuma offers a dream solution. Based on a Play-To-Earn principle, Koakuma offers a game environment with accelerated and stunning graphics. The player embodies a summoner who will have to use his NFTs to overcome the game in PvE, but also his opponents in PvP.

Original, Koakuma is a promising crypto that stands out from other games of the genre by justifying the use of NFTs a little better than others. Its token, the KKMA, allows among other things to acquire this crypto-currency (NFTs) that can be invoked in the game but also to buy other objects. Gamer investors will therefore have every interest in seizing the KKMAs as quickly as possible.

General information

  • Sector: Video games
  • Start of IDO: June 2022
  • End of IDO: 2nd quarter 2023

CrypCade (iCADE): The Arcade Gaming Oriented Metaverse

cryptcade - best crypto IDOs

Retro players get ready since CrypCade is coming to the blockchain. While retrogaming always makes more people happy, CrypCade decided to create a complete metaverse based on the concept of retrogaming and arcade games. In a unique universe, players will be able to evolve and access a variety of Play-To-Earn games.

CrypCade is not a gaming platform like the others. It offers, in a way, a metaverse within a metaverse. You can therefore buy this cryptocurrency offering a world in its own right, the iCADE promises to be a useful and strong cryptocurrency in a universe where gaming and high scores are the keywords.

General information

  • Sector: Video games
  • Start of IDO: 2nd quarter 2022
  • End of IDO: 3rd quarter 2023

What is a cryptocurrency IDO?

In English, IDO stands for “Initial DEX Offering”, which can be translated as “Offre DEX Initial”. This is a strategy adopted by some companies to raise funds from investors before launching a project. As part of an IDO, the company presents its project to the public to attract potential investors and goes through a launchpad to be able to sell its tokens.

Opposed to the ICO (“Initial Coin Offering”), the IDO offers itself as a more efficient and more interesting solution than the ICO for the investors and the company responsible for the project. On the one hand, the company has access to a liquidity pool that can be used directly within the framework of the project, and on the other hand, investors have access to a token like Avalanche crypto, efficient and consistent with the project.

Why invest in a crypto IDO?

IDOs, as we have seen, represent a different form of crypto investment. There are multiple reasons why you should invest in a crypto IDO. Below we present some of them.

More accessibility

For a company, offering the sale of its token before the release of the project is to make it more accessible. If the investment community grows and it spreads rumors everywhere about a particularly interesting project, then it won’t take long for other investors to join the march. The project, therefore, becomes more accessible, therefore more popular, and better recognized. This is, moreover, one of the primary interests of an IDO.

Be one of the first investors

Out of pride or advantage, being one of the first investors in crypto always has a small effect. It’s not only glorifying to say to yourself, after a few years, that you were among the first, but it also brings its dose of advantages. The price of the token will have increased, you will have seen the project grow from its first steps to now, and you will have come a long way with the company that started the project.

Low prices when investing

This is true for the vast majority of cryptos launched according to an IDO: their value increases tenfold several times, while they are worth almost nothing during the IDO. The first upgrade often happens on the day of its release, and then at each crucial stage of the project. To have an idea of ​​the periods of increase, do not hesitate to refer to the Roadmaps of the various projects. The latter detail, often by date, each turning point and each evolution of the current project.

The functional differences between an IDO and an ICO:

While IDOs and ICOs seem to work the same way, they still have some notable differences. Let’s quickly see what the differences are between an ICO and a crypto IDO.

  • Offer: the IDO offers the sale on a DEX, while the ICO sells live, completely independently
  • Management of smart contracts: in the case of an IDO, they are managed by the project and by the launchpad. An ICO, they are managed solely by the project.
  • Fundraising: an IDO offers fundraising via a DEX platform or a launchpad, but this is conducted by the company that manages the project in the case of an ICO.
  • Listing of tokens (after collective sale): after an IDO, the token is listed directly on the CEX. After an ICO, the project must be sent to exchange platforms.
  • Verification process: the launchpad verifies the standards during an IDO. During an ICO, the standards are non-existent, so anyone can decide to launch an ICO.
  • Availability of tokens: During an IDO, tokens are available immediately or after an acquisition period. They are only available after listing, during an ICO.
  • Marketing: The promotion of an IDO is managed by the project as much as by the launchpad. That of an ICO is managed solely by the project and therefore requires a lot of money.

Where and how to find the best IoT?

To find the best crypto IDO of the moment, several options are available to you. You can choose to use specialized sites, or trust social networks, for example. Either way, you should meet a few particularly important criteria.


There are different platforms and several specialized sites that are responsible for offering the most reliable and interesting IDOs, they are called aggregators. In this area, PancakeSwap presents itself as a very efficient and interesting platform by presenting the best crypto IDOs of the moment to users.

The usefulness of the project

If the project has real utility, then it has every chance of succeeding. You should first ask yourself if the proposed project addresses a problem. If yes which one? If you have all the answers in hand, then you are sure that this IDO is likely to prove interesting in the long term, and you should invest.

Project partner and team

Try to gather as much information as possible about the project team and its partners. You might spot a few big names in the crypto world, or a few companies known to be reliable. If so, and major players support the project, then you can invest. Big companies rarely invest blindly.

Whitepaper or Whitelist

This is the document detailing the entire project. It contains all the information on this one, starting with the roadmap, but also the commitments. Take care to detail this document, it explains what you are getting into by investing. If, after reading, you are still satisfied, then go ahead and get started.


Crypto IDOs represent a unique opportunity for investors. While many projects are regularly emerging, it is interesting to be able to contribute to their development, both financially and personally. IDOs offer benefits that are worth considering and are much more popular and secure than ICOs.

The process of buying IDO cryptos is very simple and can be done via a platform like PancakeSwap. Investors will have the choice to contribute to the projects that interest them while realizing their investment.


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The Best Cryptos To Invest In According To Reddit In 2023

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