Meme Token: Top 10 Best Meme Coins in 2023


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The  Meme Tokenfirst meme token was launched in 2013. Many other tokens of the same type such as Shiba Inu or Doge Floki Coin then gradually appeared. Currently, there are more than a hundred on the market. Who are the most successful among them? Discover in this guide our Top 16 best meme tokens. We also present the brokers who offer these cryptocurrencies.v

Dogelon Mars, a Meme Token with Meteoric Rise Meme Token:

Dogelon march - meme token

Dogelon Mars is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain and launched in May 2021. The name “Dogelon” comes from the combination of Dogecoin and Elon. “Mars” refers to Elon Musk’s particular interest in space.

After visiting the Dogelon Mars platform, you will no longer have any clue that ELON is a meme token. Indeed, even the site appears to be a joke. Nevertheless, the evolution of the token is impressive. Its price has indeed increased by 3,100% since its launch.

Baby Doge Coin, Descendant of DOGEMeme Token:

Baby Doge Coin - meme token

Launched in June 2021, Baby DogeCoin was created by the Dogecoin community itself. BabyDoge is also considered a descendant of DOGE, hence its name. The same token has experienced a positive evolution since it was put on the market.

Baby DogeCoin was created to bring improvements in the speed of transactions on the platform. Also, a portion of the transaction fees collected is donated to the charity Paws With Cause. He takes care of abandoned dogs.

Kishu Inu, a Promising Meme CoinMeme Token

Kishu Inu - promising meme token

Kishu Inu is a meme token launched in April 2021. The creators of this Doge-Like token use the nicknames, Kishu Man and Inu Dev. They chose the image of the Japanese dog breed Kishu Inu or Kishu Ken as their logo. More than 2,000 investors now hold this ERC-20 token. The latter receives a 2% reward on each transaction.

The performance of the KISHU has been extraordinary since its launch. The price then fell and then began to stabilize. Currently, experts rank this token among the most promising cryptocurrencies for the coming years.

Doge Killer, a very Volatile Token Meme Token:

Doge Killer - meme coin to invest

The Doge Killer meme token was released in April 2021 by the creators of Shiba Inu. Its name already evokes its main objective: “  to kill the Dogecoin  ”. The number of LEASH tokens in circulation is also limited to 100,000. This reduces the risk of devaluation too quickly.

Also, this token is known for its volatility. In May 2021, its price increased by more than 1200% in just 3 days. The highest price reached was more than €7,000 during this time interval. Currently, 1 LEASH is worth around €1,000.

Samoyedcoin, a Token based on Blockchain Solana:

samoyedcoin - meme coin

The Samoyedcoin meme token was launched in May 2021. It is a token linked to the SOLANA blockchain known for its optimal speed. It also covers several hundred projects including NFT, DeFi, and even Web3 currently.

The developers of the Samoyedcoin token were inspired by Dogecoin to create it. This is how they chose the Samoyed, a breed of dog originating in Eastern Europe, as their emblem. Currently, this young token attracts many investors and shows an interesting performance.

MonaCoin, a Meme Token from a Hard Fork of LitecoinMeme Token

Monacoin - meme token

MonaCoin is a token based on the ASCII Mona cat and from a hard fork of Litecoin. Launched in January 2014, it would be the first Japanese cryptocurrency. As a result, it is very popular there. Moreover, the population of the country of the Rising Sun would even prefer it to Bitcoin and other altcoins.

More than 105 million MONA are currently in circulation on the market. The team that created this token was motivated to improve blockchain-related services. She also develops interesting projects.

Doge Dash, Meme Token Native of the Eponymous Game inspired by Supermario

Doge Dash - meme token

Doge Dash is a meme token launched in October 2021. This is the native token of the game of the same name, inspired by Super Mario. The goal is to help the little dog collect as many coins as possible by overcoming all the obstacles during the 10 levels.

The user is rewarded by depositing DOGEDASH in his wallet but must have some to access the game. In addition, the token has evolved positively since it was put on the market. Its price has indeed gone from €0.00003397 to around 0.001217 in just 2 months.

Dogecoin or DOGE: Most PopularMeme Token

Dogecoin - meme coin

The Dogecoin meme token was launched in 2013. Originally, this token was created to poke fun at Bitcoin and its rising stardom. Its developers also wanted to market a cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Also, its logo is the famous Internet meme Shiba Inu which was extremely popular at the time.

It was programmer Billy Markus who came up with the idea for the project. He was later joined by Jackson Palmer to direct. Later, it was Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s regular tweets that propelled the token to the top. Today, this token is supported by other celebrities like Snoop Dog.

SpongeBob: The token you need in 2023Meme Token

Sponge - best meme token

Invest in the future, invest in SpongeBob. Sponge is the acronym for the new cryptocurrency SpongeBob. It was put on the stock market on May 4, 2023. Its history is based on a concern to pay tribute to the former fanatics of the animated series SpongeBob Square, a program that dates back to 1999. Moreover, you will see that the platform bears the marks and characters of this drawing.

Spongebob is an artificial intelligence token. It marries the Ethereum system with infallible security based on the blockchain and Binance. It also belongs to the ERC-20 line and has a particular wallet with easy payment methods. To buy it, you can use ETH or even USDT.

When this Sponge officially joined the crypto sphere, investors did not delay before discussing it without reservations. We can see that in just 24 hours, the cryptocurrency had already been able to break a huge record with a capitalization of 2 million dollars. It has more than 40.4 billion Sponge for its investors. The coin already cost $0.00036630 when it was released; forecasts predict a steady increase over the long term

In addition to offering you a user-friendly trading space, Spongebob offers winning games. The rewards are made in Cryptocurrency to be invested always on the platform or elsewhere if you prefer. The site also contains the most advantageous markets for NFTs.

All these indications allow us to affirm that Spongebob remains a cryptocurrency whose assets make it possible to see in it a bright future.

Wall Street Memes: a crypto that brings a fun and original touch to its community meme Token

wall street meme - meme token

Wall Street Memes is a cryptocurrency inspired by the internet’s ultimate triumph over creeping capitalism. She helps demonstrate the merits of greed by attracting retail investors to her community. The Wall Street Memes platform creates popular, high-quality memes to enrich its community, such as “Swole Doge”, “Troll Faces”, and “Pepe Frog”.

To be part of the Wall Street Memes community, it is necessary to participate in the presale and to have the $WSM token. Purchasing the latter is the quickest and easiest of operations since you just need to link the official Wall St Memes website to your ETH, BNB, or USDT wallet. It is also possible to purchase with a credit card before listing on decentralized exchange platforms. At the moment, a pre-sale campaign is organized by the community with AirDrop to encourage its members to be more active but also to reward them.

To demonstrate its commitment to its users, and especially to small investors, Wall St Memes offers 100% of its tokens to its community. So there are no backstage private sales or team performances.

Take advantage of the Wall Street Memes presale to get a low $WSM token rate of €0.024. The value of the token can reach $0.0337 if the set presale cap of $30.577 million is reached.


The Meme Token meme token phenomenon seems to continue. The growth in the number of humorous tokens launched on the market is proof of this. However, Love Hate Inu seems unbeatable despite the arrival of successful rivals such as Shiba Inu (SHIB). Want to invest in these fun cryptocurrencies? We recommend that you go through eToro which offers a wide choice of digital assets.


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