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Early Long Term Crypto Bitcoin (BTC) investors in 2010 (at $0.29) multiplied their investment by 237,000 times in November 2021 (at $69,000). It is not said that you will in turn become a crypto-millionaire, but great potential capital gains await you on the crypto market. And it’s not just BTC: let’s discover together the best cryptos to consider in the long term and the possible approaches in the long term.

Cronos (CRO), a crypto with a new milestone:

long term crypto chronosCRO is the cryptocurrency of the Crypto.com ecosystem, a serious challenger to the biggest platforms on the market – Binance, FTX, and Coinbase. The first condition of a bullish CRO is, therefore, the commercial growth of Crypto.com, since the trading fees there are essentially settled in CRO.

However, it turns out that the Hong Kong platform is working hard and hanging up the wagons one by one: after the launch of its blockchain, its own DeFi Swap protocol, it launched a thunderous partnership with Visa (for a crypto card) and announced other large-scale projects such as an NFT marketplace.

Investing in CRO is therefore based on expectations linked to the market share of Crypto.com (n°18 for the moment). The idea is also to use the CRO to access various services of the platform allowing to use of a regular return (staking, farming).


  • Backed by a growing ecosystem
  • Several possible approaches with CRO: staking, farming, HODL
  • Based on Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus
  • Significant upside potential linked to the NFT madness


  • A little less interesting than Binance’s BNB
  • Not yet favored by institutional players (links with China?)
Price $0.152
Market capitalization $3.8bn (#25)
Staking Yes
Yield Farming Yes
Holding Yes

How to invest in crypto for the long term?


Investing through the official site means participating in a pre-sale: this is the case of the Tamadoge (TAMA) project, which we will take as an example. The presale takes place on the official website – at this address – at an exclusive price of $0.01 per TAMA.

Step 1: Get a crypto wallet

The first step is to get a wallet. As the TAMA is a token built on the Ethereum network, it is advisable to use the MetaMask wallet.

It is a digital wallet that works as a web browser extension or as an Android / iOS mobile application.

Several tutorials on the MetaMask website will show you the way: nothing complicated, everything is ultra-intuitive.

metamask - buy crypto long term

 Cardano (ADA), the most serious Ethereum killer:

Cardano - long term cryptocurrency

Cardano follows in the footsteps of Ethereum. By the way, the father of Cardano – Charles Hoskinson – is the father of Ethereum. Thanks to a major update in September 2021, the network welcomed its first smart contracts and decentralized applications.

This has enabled the development of a powerful decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Cardano, second only to Ethereum at present. Often mocked by competing projects for its slow and cautious development approach, a lot of current evidence proves Cardano developers right.

The first is security: Cardano seems to be the least vulnerable blockchain to hacks. Investing in ADA for the long term, therefore, means both investing in the growth of DeFi but also opening up possibilities for regular returns in staking and farming.


  • Crypto project preferred by many institutional players
  • Very significant upside potential linked to its DeFi ecosystem
  • Ultra-scientific development approach
  • Several possible approaches with ADA: staking, farming, HODL


  • Very Volatile
  • Shows signs of overvaluation relative to its fundamentals
Price $0.52
Market capitalization $17.8bn (#07)
Staking Yes
Yield Farming Yes
Holding Yes

Binance Coin (BNB), the #1 ecosystem crypto:

Binance - long term cryptoBinance Coin is the token of the Binance platform, the heart of an increasingly sprawling ecosystem. While the BNB token was created for a multitude of use cases, it was mainly used to pay transaction fees on the crypto exchange.

And while BNB provided up to a 50% fee reduction in 2017, that reduction is halved each year so that it ultimately ends 5 years after launch – that is say this year.

Recently Binance, therefore, introduced several changes to its cryptocurrency, inspired by Ethereum. A quantity of BNB is regularly withdrawn from circulation (“burn”) according to its price, to fuel a phenomenon of scarcity – and therefore to increase its price in the medium term.

Investing in BNB is of course based on Binance’s growth prospects and the return of a crypto bull market. But it also relies on the changes made by Binance in the BNB  to gently pull its value upwards.


  • One of the cryptos with the largest volume of exchanges
  • Widely used in decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Centralized, can rely on various Binance interventions
  • Modification of the burn policy, intended to make the BNB deflationary


  • Very Volatile
  • No longer reduces your fees on Binance
Price $324
Market capitalization $52.1bn (#05)
Staking Yes
Yield Farming Yes
Holding Yes

Ethereum (ETH), a major update for a “flipping”?

Ethereum - long term cryptocurrency

Will we see Ethereum overtake Bitcoin in the long term (a change in leadership called “ flipping  ”)? It can be said that Ethereum is already the most important network, due to the decentralized financial ecosystem that has been built on its blockchain.

Since Bitcoin is not a programmable blockchain, thousands of lending, trading, gaming, NFT, etc. protocols (the famous dApps) were born thanks to the Ethereum network.

But now the network will move from proof of work to proof of stake. A transition called “The Merge”, is neither more nor less than the most important update in the history of the blockchain.

The entire DeFi ecosystem will have to remain on Ethereum and be backward-compatible following this update. The wait is huge, the stakes too, and ETH could turn out to be the best long-term crypto investment ever.


  • The most promising crypto after Bitcoin
  • Gateway to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Available on all platforms: exchanges, trading brokers
  • Several possible approaches: staking, farming


  • Essentially a store of value, not an alternative currency
  • Quite volatile and cyclical, requires good knowledge
Price $1920
Market capitalization $233 billion
Staking Yes
Yield Farming Yes
Holding Yes

Bitcoin (BTC), is a risky crypto asset with a long-term haven:

Bitcoin - long term cryptocurrency

Over the long term, the value of a bitcoin can only appreciate (analysts are unanimous). First market capitalization, Bitcoin is a proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency: each  BTC minted carries proof of energy, the energy that was mobilized by a miner to manufacture it.

If Bitcoin has so far failed as an alternative monetary project, its potential as digital gold is whetting the appetite of institutional investors. Even Black Rock, the world’s largest asset manager, has partnered with Coinbase to allow its wealthy clients to open their first positions in BTC.

We will be watching with interest the start of a new long-term bullish cycle for Bitcoin, taking the entire crypto market with it. Asset illustrates itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market.


  • The first capitalization of the crypto market, we no longer present it
  • Lightning Network Update Effectiveness
  • Available on all platforms: exchanges, trading brokers
  • Several Visa/MasterCard bank cards backed by a Bitcoin balance (Crypto.com, Binance)


  • Essentially a store of value, not an alternative currency
  • Very volatile and cyclical, requires good knowledge
Price $24,600
Market capitalization $470 billion
Staking Yes
Yield Farming Yes
Holding Yes

Lucky Block (LBLOCK), the long-term crypto for the future of lotteries:

Lucky Block - long term cryptoLucky Block is a decentralized lottery project, withdraws and winnings collected hosted on blockchain ledgers. In this case, it is the BNB Chain, the network of Binance, the fastest and least expensive blockchain today. BLOCK has just been deployed on the Ethereum network as well.

Thanks to this decentralization, anyone in the world can buy a Lucky ticket (for 5 dollars) and take part in the daily draws. A one-of-a-kind project, which immediately caught the eye of investors, since LBLOCK is one of the great crypto surprises of 2022 if we stick to its price, which outperforms BTC and ETH.

In the long term, holding LBLOCKs can pay off: in addition to recovering part of the costs daily (like a shareholder), you benefit from a certain upside potential as the token enters the market. the big platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and FTX.


  • One-of-a-kind project
  • Two versions of the token, LBLOCK V1 (BNB Chain) and LBLOCK V2 (Ethereum)
  • Makes its gradual entry into the leading centralized platforms
  • Several competitions in parallel with daily draws (NFT, prize pools )


  • Still young project
Price $0.001260
Capitalization $51.5M
Staking Yes
Yield Farming Yes
Holding Yes

 Battle Infinity (IBAT), the next crypto play-to-earn to do x100?

Battle Infinity - long term crypto

Battle Infinity is a metaverse project reminiscent of the Fantasy Sports game Sorare. It all comes down to owning virtual players. These are acquired on the game’s marketplace, in the form of NFTs.

Players are developed on the BNB Chain in the form of NFTs and it is possible to register players in virtual tournaments to receive rewards. Football and basketball are the leading disciplines but there are a handful of others.

The in-game cryptocurrency is the IBAT token. This can be acquired in presale on the site, in exchange for BNB. It will then be used to obtain its first players by buying them on a marketplace where the first NFTs are referenced and eventually, the other NFTs are put up for sale by other players.


  • GameFi concept (Gaming & Finance) is now familiar thanks to Sorare
  • Low initial investment
  • Already available on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap
  • Embryonic project but audited


  • Not yet listed on centralized platforms
  • Real upside potential but still difficult to quantify
Price Still in presale
Market capitalization Unknown
Staking Yes
Yield Farming Yes
Holding Yes

Love Hate Inu: The Revolutionary Meme Token and Best Long-Term Investment

Love Hate Inu - long term crypto

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) is an innovative meme token that combines the power of blockchain with the entertainment of memes. Users can voice their opinion on topical issues through a voting system and be rewarded for it. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee the security, transparency, and reliability of votes.

Purchasing Love Hate Inu tokens can be done with cryptocurrencies, credit cards, or fiat currency. The presale will start on 08/03/2023 and end on 08/05/2023, with 90% of the tokens sold at an affordable price and a total cap of $10,068,750.

Love Hate Inu offers an easy-to-use online voting platform with an intuitive user interface, a voting submission platform for new ideas, and an admin dashboard to monitor active votes. Users can participate by simply connecting their wallets and staking tokens to increase their voting power. The token staking system prevents spam and manipulation, while the voting process is anonymous and secure. Participants are rewarded with more tokens for their use of the platform.

Love Hate Inu is an ever-evolving project that offers a unique opportunity for investors to be part of a community that cares about their opinions and is rewarded for it. It is an excellent choice for a better long-term investment. Join the Love Hate Inu movement and voice your opinion while earning valuable tokens. Also, check out the Love Hate Inu white paper to learn more about the platform and how it works. It’s the best long-term investment for investors looking to be part of a community that values ​​their opinions. Love Hate Inu is in presale right now, it’s time to take advantage of it.

Deelance, the crypto platform for freelancers:

DeeLance - long-term cryptocurrency

Deelance is an online platform that connects freelancers with companies or individuals looking to outsource a task or project. The platform offers a flexible, fast, and cost-effective recruitment solution for employers looking to outsource remote work.

There is a wide range of skills represented on Deelance, ranging from writing and programming to design and translation. This variety allows employers to find freelancers who are experts in their field.

To use Deelance, employers must create an account and post their job offer. Interested freelancers can then apply and employers can select them based on their profile, portfolio, and experience.

Deelance also offers a secure payment system that protects both parties in the transaction. Freelancers are paid for their work once it is completed and approved by the employer.

Deelance is, therefore, a convenient platform for employers looking to outsource a task and for freelancers looking to find remote work opportunities. It offers a wide variety of skills, a secure payment system, and an easy and intuitive user experience. Several analysts believe that this platform could replace traditional platforms like Upwork or Freelancer.


Investing in cryptocurrencies over the long term, therefore, appears to be a strategy that allows you to benefit from very attractive annual returns due to the very attractive rates. Holding, staking, or even farming will also bring a real plus to your investments.

Although cryptocurrencies are high-volatility assets, this market is constantly evolving. The protocols and applications are indeed in full development which arouses the interest of investors and government. It is therefore wise to think about a long-term investment and choose promising crypto, such as Wall Street Memes, Launchpad XYZ, yPredict, and the others presented in this article.


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