Best DeFi Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023


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Decentralized Best DeFi Crypt Finance (DeFi) has a lot to offer. It is becoming a safe bet in the industry. Some DeFi cryptocurrencies have seen their price explode. You must first choose the best DeFi cryptocurrencies to buy to take advantage of this good wind. There are a very large number of them. This does not facilitate the work of the investor.

We wanted to solve this problem by offering a complete guide on the best DeFi coins in 2023. The crypto-currencies to choose from and some tips to start your investment can be found on this page.

 Battle Infinity (IBAT): Best DeFi cryptocurrency to buy for Metaverse gaming

Battle Infinity has managed a spectacular launch in 2022. This Metaverse game is already very popular with investors. The latter has also snatched the IBAT pieces put on presale very recently. The purchase was made so quickly that the presale ended 66 days before the scheduled end date. Recall that the IBAT, a BEP-20 token on the BSC chain is the native token of Battle Infinity. You will use it for all transactions on the platform.

Battle Infinity - One of the Best DeFi Cryptocurrencies to BuyBattle Infinity is a Play2Earn platform consisting of the following:

  • IBAT Premier League: the first-ever NFT blockchain-based fantasy sports game integrated into the Metaverse;
  • Battle Arena: A world where any player can have a unique avatar. He can equip it by purchasing items with his IBATs;
  • Battle Games: Multi-player games store where everyone can access several NFT games ;
  • Battle Swap: a decentralized exchange within the Battle Infinity ecosystem that allows users to trade IBAT tokens for other cryptos and more;
  • Battle Market: Buy all kinds of NFT;
  • Battle Stake: Players lock their IBAT tokens for a certain period and earn staking rewards that are not limited to APYs.

 Cosmos (ATOM): One of the Best DeFi Cryptocurrencies to Buy for Interconnecting Blockchains

Cosmos is a network of blockchain networks. Its developers call it the Internet of Blockchains. The goal of Cosmos is to allow separate Blockchains to communicate with each other seamlessly. By enabling any blockchain to communicate, share data, and transact with any other, Cosmos reduces friction in the marketplace.

Cosmos - Crypto Defi

This platform also offers a full suite of products and features that make it an impressive option in the market. Indeed, thanks to Cosmos, developers can create complex blockchains in a week. However, this is work that takes several weeks.

ATOM is the native cryptocurrency of the Cosmos network, it performs a few vital functions. On the one hand, it is used to execute smart contracts and perform transactions. New ATOMs are generated as rewards for network validators each time a transaction block is approved.

 Defi Coin (DEFC): The DeFi cryptocurrency on the rise best DeFi Crypt

DeFi Coin is one of the best DeFi coins that we will hear about at the end of the year and even in 2023. It is the native crypto of a decentralized exchange that offers you many features: instant conversions, staking, yield farming, etc. It originated from the Binance Smart Chain and has been in development for many years. However, the developers decided to launch this platform only in May 2022.

Defi Coin among the best DeFi cryptocurrencies to buyFollowing this launch, the price of DeFi Coin took off by 300%. Not many DeFi cryptocurrencies have seen such a performance. DEFC is the native token of the DeFi Coin ecosystem. You can use it for almost anything on the platform.

The DEFC is admirable on several counts. Holders of this token will especially like the project’s tax collection system. Indeed, each time a buy or sell order is placed on the DeFi network, a 10% tax is levied. It will then be distributed among token holders and the DeFi liquidity pool. This technique thus makes it possible to retain investors.

 Lucky Block (LBLOCK): Best DeFi Cryptocurrency for NFT Competitions and Earnings

Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform that can give you a chance to win big prizes. Indeed, the developers have emphasized the fairness of their platform. Thus, each participant can be certain that the system offers him the same chance as the others.

Lucky Block: One of the Best DeFi Cryptocurrencies to BuyThe project is based on Binance Smart Chain technology. Also, it is focused on an inclusive competition platform. Lucky Block was born in early 2022, then we were talking about Lucky Block V1. This token was launched as a DeFi crypto on PancakeSwap. In the entire history of this exchange, no token has reached a market capitalization of $1 billion as fast as Lucky Block V1. But that’s not the most impressive. At the start of its presale, an LBLOCK V1 token was worth $0.00015. It didn’t take long for it to jump over 6000%. Thus, those who managed to buy Lucky Block crypto in its early days were able to reap big profits.

Uniswap (UNI): Best DeFi cryptocurrency for its excellent decentralized exchange Best DeFi Crypt

Uniswap is an extremely popular decentralized exchange. Indeed, it is the meeting place of more than 3 million users. To date, over a trillion dollars in transactions have been made on Uniswap. However, the platform has only been around for three years. Furthermore, it is also one of the most valuable DeFi protocols with a market capitalization of nearly $5 billion and over $7 billion in total value locked. This project has already proven several times that it is one of the best in decentralized finance.

Uniswap - Defi cryptocurrency

The great dream of the defenders of the cryptocurrency industry is to be able to carry out transactions without an intermediary. The major issue here is the safeguarding of privacy, but also the reduced costs. Uniswap allows you to make such exchanges. But the platform also makes it possible to earn passive income by staking and providing liquidity.

Terra (LUNA): The DeFi coin that thwarts market predictions best DeFi Crypt

Terra is an open-source Blockchain payment platform for an algorithmic stablecoin. These are cryptocurrencies that automatically follow the price of currencies or other assets. The Terra blockchain allows users to instantly spend, save, or trade Terra stablecoins.

Terra Luna - crypto challenge

The Terra protocol creates stablecoins designed to consistently track the price of a government-backed currency like the dollar or euro. It consists of two tokens: Terra and Luna.

Stablecoins derive their primary value from price stability. The mission of the Terra protocol is therefore to maintain the price of the Terra stablecoin by ensuring that supply and demand are always balanced. To do this, one of the techniques used is arbitration. Luna acts as a variable counterweight to stablecoin Terra. This token absorbs the volatility of Terra

Terra collapsed in early May 2022 when its ecosystem experienced capital flight. At the origin of this disaster, a de-anchoring of the UST algorithmic stablecoin and a fall in LUNC prices.

Investors who were once lured by returns of almost 20% on UST deposits have started withdrawing and selling their UST tokens. It all happened very quickly as the UST lost its peg to the dollar on May 9, 2022. The Luna (LUC) which was designed to be a balancing token to help maintain the dollar peg of the UST, could not absorb the shock.

Decentraland (MANA): Best DeFi Cryptocurrency for Investing in Real Estate on the Metaverse Best DeFi Crypt

Real estate lovers will especially love Decentraland. The word is a contraction of the terms “Decentralized” and “Land”. According to the project leaders, Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual reality platform powered by the Blockchain Ethereum. It allows users to buy plots of land on which they can then build. Thus, any property built on a plot can be resold.

Decentraland raised $24 million in its 2017 ICO. This non-negligible sum testifies to the interest of investors in the project. But it wasn’t until February 2020 that the Decentraland virtual universe was finally accessible.

Decentraland - DeFi cryptocurrency to buyThe customizations that you can make on your plot of land or LAND are very numerous. Because in reality, Decentraland uses two tokens: MANA and LAND. MANA is an ERC-20 token that must be burned to acquire LAND. These are NFT ERC-721. You can also use your MANA to pay for all kinds of things in Decentraland: avatars, clothes, etc.

Yearn. finance (YFI): Best DeFi aggregation platform with low token supply best DeFi Crypt

Yearn. finance is an increasingly popular DeFi cryptocurrency. You only have to look at its price history to realize this. Indeed, it is one of the few to have maintained an overall positive ROI since its launch. At one point, Yearn. finance even spiked more than 10,000% above its launch price. The YFI token has a maximum supply of capped 36,666. It’s not much, but it will certainly allow its price to climb in the future.

Yearn Finance - DeFi cryptocurrency

Yearn. Finance is one of those DeFi cryptocurrencies that allow you to generate passive income. This is possible through a mechanism of interest rates obtained when you stake your coins on the platform. Yearn. Finance also gives you the option to borrow against your staked crypto. The process is transparent and the interest rates are competitive. Also, note that Yearn sets flexible repayment periods.

 The Graph: Best coin for its indexing services best DeFi Crypt

The Graph (GRT) aims to facilitate the transparent exchange of data between blockchains and applications. The platform is among the first decentralized indexing and querying software available on the market. As such, it continues to see growing adoption. Impressively, the network has already reached over a billion queries since its launch in 2020.

the graph - cryptocurrency challenge

The Graph offers developers an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and secure API. This network allows decentralized applications to add data to the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. Graph’s APIs are used by some of the most popular DeFi platforms on the market. Specifically, AAVE, Aragon, Balancer, DAOstack, Uniswap, and Synthetix leverage this technology to improve data responsiveness.

 SushiSwap (SUSHI): Best DeFi cryptocurrency to buy for its community orientation

SushiSwap was the first Uniswap hard fork, it is also the most successful. But people mostly love it for its innovative approach to the world of decentralized exchanges. It brings deep liquidity, fast order execution, and competitive income on continuous liquidity.

Sushiswap - DeFi cryptocurrency

Over $1 billion worth of crypto moved into SushiSwap liquidity pools in the first few days of its launch. Everything was going well for the SushiSwap project until its founder sold his SUSHI tokens. Investors thought he wanted out of the project. It looked very much like an exit scam. As a result, some investors pulled out and the value of SUSHI went down. In reality, SUSHI token prices have crashed.


In the best DeFi Cryptv short, DeFi cryptocurrencies are legion on the market. Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and DeFi Coin stand out and form our top 3 best DeFi cryptocurrencies for 2022. Each of the coins in our guide offers unique benefits. If you still have doubts about DeFi coins, remember that they can offer you gains of over 6000%. However, you should be aware that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and you should invest with caution.


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