French Cryptocurrency: Ranking and Top Projects 2023


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In French Cryptocurrency France, the cryptocurrency market is booming. More and more French investors are looking for investment opportunities to seize in the universe of virtual currencies. But then, how to spot the best French cryptocurrency? In this guide, we have listed the best cryptocurrency projects in France.

Discover our top 18 of the best French cryptocurrencies in 2023. By browsing this guide, you will also know how to buy a French cryptocurrency. Let’s go!

Chimpzee (CHMPZ): Invest in a cryptocurrency in the fight against poaching

For several years, France has been at the forefront of preserving the climate and endangered species. For this reason, Chimpzee is one of the best cryptocurrencies for a Frenchman to invest in. To start your investment, just buy Chimpzee. For this, you will just need to take part in the crypto presale that takes place on the project site.

This presale is still in stage one and the price is at rock bottom. For just $1 you get up to 1562 CHMPZ tokens. The table below summarizes the different presale stages as well as the prices and benefits offered.

Stage Quantity of tokens available Price Benefits
1 15 billion $0.00064 NFT Diamond 1,000,000 CHMPZNFT Staking 20% ​​APY
2 12 billion $0.0007 NFT OR 750,000 CHMPZ

NFT Staking 18% APY

3 8 billion $0.00095 NFT Silver 500,000 CHMPZ

NFT Staking 15% APY

4 5 billion $0.0011 NFT Bronze 300,000 CHMPZ

NFT Staking 10% APY

Chimpzee is a fun ecosystem that allows you to earn free cryptocurrency while investing in ecology. Already after you purchase CHMPZ tokens, you will have a bonus of up to 300%. In addition, also have:

  • Chimpzee Shop: A Shop2Earn store that contains unique items. Buy one and you will get free crypto.
  • Chimpzee NFT Marketplace: This NFT exchange pays you dividends if you hold a Chimpzee NFT Passport.
  • Zero Tolerance: This Play2Earn game allows you to fight poachers by earning even more cryptocurrency.

Love Hate Inu: Very popular social media vote-2-earn project 

Love Hate Inu did not wait long to seduce French crypto-traders. In a nutshell, this is one of the hottest new crypto projects for this year. Simply, it refers to a Vote-to-earn platform that allows its subscribers to participate in votes on various issues: society, politics, sport, finance, humor… For example, users can earn LHINU tokens by voting for illustrations of characters like Elon Musk or Donald Trump.

Love Hate Inu - French cryptocurrency project

Moreover, Love Hate Inu is a very secure French V2E crypto platform for the simple and unique reason that it uses the Ethereum blockchain. During the voting process, the results are displayed on the dashboard, and they are verifiable and immutable. As rewards, participants receive LHINU tokens. The more LHINU they place, the more your voting power increases on the platform. Additionally, users can also create surveys to earn other LHINUs.

Besides, Love Hate Inu is a deflationary crypto project. 90% of LHINU tokens are to be sold to community members. Certainly, the value of LHINU will increase in the coming months, as there will be a shortage of tokens. So early buyers of LHINU can acquire it for 0.000085 USDT throughout the first phase of the presale.

To know how to buy LHINU tokens, you must go to the official website of the voting platform. And to invest in this V2E project, you must provide 10 LHINU as a minimum amount to deposit. In addition, the platform accepts the following payment options: USDT, ETH, and credit cards.

Tamadoge: Best Play-to-Earn GameTamaDoge - French cryptocurrency

Tamadoge has established itself in the movement of the same coins with the declared ambition to go beyond this trend. Along the same line, it is good to know that Tamadoge belongs to the Tamaverse, a superbly refined platform where we find play-to-earn utilities. There are also NFTs, allowing players to mint. It’s about generating unique creatures, nurturing them to maturity, and finally allowing them to compete against other players’ creatures.

Tamadoge is one of the best cryptocurrency projects of the current year in several ways. First of all, Tamadoge has a disproportionate ambition and intends to rely on its potential to expand even further. On the other hand, Tamadoge only intends to distribute half of its stock of tokens which is limited to two billion. This situation will create a scarcity of its tokens, and in turn, it will act directly on the price of the currency.

As other characteristics of Tamadoge’s potential, we can also note the absence of taxes during the sale or purchase of tokens, as well as the development of a market essentially devoted to play-to-earn gaming. If Tamadoge is currently in the presale phase, the fact remains that its potential and its attractiveness remain strong and make Tamadoge one of the best cryptocurrency projects of the year 2023.

Battle Infinity: ecosystem made up of NFT and Metaverse

Battle Infinity - French cryptocurrency Battle Infinity is one of the cryptocurrencies belonging to the metaverse universe. If Battle Infinity was still in the pre-sale phase a while ago, this is mainly because this cryptocurrency project only recently saw the light of day. The sum collected during its launch (165,000 dollars) suggests better prospects for this project.

In terms of its IDO, soon after it went live, Battle Infinity saw a 700% increase. The Battle Infinity project is mainly focused on a Fantasy League game. This is about buying players in the form of NFTs. Once this is done, one implements the construction of his team with the ultimate goal of competing against the teams of other users.

In addition, the prowess and exploits of the players in real life greatly influence those of the latter in the game. If Battle Infinity is in all sports and goes beyond the target disciplines such as baseball or football.

 Sorare: Revolutionary Crypto Gambling Project

Sorare is considered by some to be the best French cryptocurrency because, beyond its potential, this project integrates NFTs. It may seem surprising, but Sorare is a game. Drawing its bases from the Ethereum blockchain, Sorare was born in 2019 and consists of managing players in the form of NFTs. It is in fact to exchange, sell or buy players; then it’s about putting together a super competitive team and finally, it’s about getting as many rewards as possible.

Sorare: A recognized French crypto NFT project 

To achieve its objectives, Sorare has signed partnerships with some of the biggest clubs in the world and in particular the best existing championships, namely the Spanish championship, the Italian championship, and among others the German championship. It should be noted that if gambling has experienced strong development in recent times, they owe it a lot, especially to Sorare, it is the same for the evolution of NFTs.

The past year has seen Sorare do one of the biggest fundraisers. It was a fundraiser which was around 680 million euros and which justified, if there was still any doubt, the radiant future of Sorare.

 Kleros: a real “digital court”

Kleros is a French project whose main role is that of conciliator or mediator between two or more parties. Using the blockchain and DApps, he exercises a kind of “digital advice”. In the event of a conflict between two parties, the members of the jury are recruited only between the holders of PNK tokens. To ensure the credibility and plausibility of the verdict, the members of the jury must have no means of identifying themselves, entering into a relationship with each other, or even knowing each other.

Kleros: French cryptocurrency

In addition, the members of the jury must be specialists with extensive knowledge in terms of alternative methods of dispute resolution and arbitration. Kleros allows its customers to pay for the assistance of matchmakers by paying in ETH. It is strong to see the use that could be made of Kleros in our everyday life, whether in business or other areas. The attractiveness of Kleros is also due to the modesty of its costs which are the best on the market.

Through its token (PNK), Kleros positions itself as a credible alternative for conflict management and as such ranks as one of the best cryptocurrencies of the year.

Ethereum blockchain has been experiencing a lot of scalability issues lately and to try to curb this phenomenon, the Polygon project has emerged. Formerly called MATIC, it aims to solve all the problems related to the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain. In reality, the Ethereum blockchain is now overloaded, in particular, due to decentralized finance, the rise of NFTs, and the metaverse.

Polygon (MATIC): a French cryptocurrency alternative to Ethereum

Therefore, to reduce transaction costs for its consumers, Polygon gives the possibility of setting up projects without leaving the Ethereum blockchain but also and above all without enduring the adjoining transactional constraints.

Polygon’s evolution is constant and promising. It is in this momentum that the Polygon project incorporated the Disney accelerator to serve as a support point for several innovative companies in their development intentions.

Avalanche (AVAX): decentralized application development platform

Launched in September 2020, the Avalanche blockchain with its AVAX cryptocurrency is now one of the best cryptocurrencies. The Avalanche platform aims to allow its customers, in an assured and efficient framework, to implement their creations, whether Dapps or other things.

Avalanche aims for security and stability for its users. To this end, the platform sees itself as a model in terms of scalability, customization, and even interoperability.

Avalanche (AVAX) - French Crypto

On the other hand, Avalanche can now perform nearly 4,500 operations per second, with fees ranging from $0.07 (classic transactions to $0.5 (swaps).

This last characteristic places, without a doubt, the Avalanche platform and the AVAX cryptocurrency project in the list of the best French cryptocurrency projects for 2023.

Near Protocol (NEAR): a reference for the transition to web3

Near Protocol is a blockchain that has enormous potential, it aims to allow easy access to its users. Beyond its many possibilities, the platform is above all concerned with facilitating interdependence between application designers. NEAR Protocol also alleviated easy access to web3. This development has simplified the methodology for creating Dapps.

Near Protocol (NEAR) - French cryptocurrency

NEAR Protocol has a proof-of-stake mechanism and a “sharding” architecture. These allow its users to make an average of 100,000 transactions per second further demonstrating its incredible power. Moreover, the developers of the platform claim that thanks to its PoSsharding system, its prowess would be unalterable, even in the event of system overheating. Which is a resounding feat.

 Fantom (FTM): best French open-source platform

A decentralized and open-source smart contracts platform, Fantom (FTM) is a project that has been specially designed for the development of DApps. Alongside this already immense project, and considering the difficulties that the Ethereum blockchain can encounter, Fantom (FTM) also aims to serve as an alternative to it.

Fantom (FTM) was born in 2019. While its users have the opportunity to use Ethereum DApps, they also have the opportunity to interact with other blockchains. To this end, Fantom (FTM) allows multiple means of use, extremely low prices for its operations, and all this with total efficiency.

Fantom (FTM) - French cryptocurrency

The latest findings show heavy usage of the Fantom platform. The presence, among other things, of 120 DApps and 300,000 smart contracts is sufficient proof of this. All of this data is worth more than $8 billion.

The Fantom architecture insofar as this token is also used to pay for transactions. Next to its token, the can be staked to reap rewards and secure the ecosystem.


After all these studies and analyses, it seems quite normal to wonder about which of these cryptocurrencies constitutes the best project in France. It results after reflection, AiDoge appears as the best French crypto-currency of the moment. Therefore, it is essential and even necessary for each investor in crypto-currencies to vary his portfolio by betting on several crypto-currencies at the same time, to minimize the risks that one could face by depending on a single crypto-currency. cash.

If Wall Street Memes has been the other projects that we have exposed to you here also has several qualities and functions that can prove essential in the event of any investment. In the end, it is essential to document yourself on the French crypto-currencies that interest you, without forgetting to bet on several crypto-currencies in the event of an investment.


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