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Want the Best Crypto STOsto to know more about crypto STOs? In this article, we share everything there is to know about it. Thus, you will know what exactly a crypto STO is, how to take part in it, as well as the best crypto STOs of the moment.  Each of the projects mentioned will be presented in detail to offer you the greatest clarity. Without further ado, let’s go!

Predict: the blockchain to integrate the stock market 

Ypredict - STO cryptoWith the advent of artificial intelligence, countless tools and platforms have seized the opportunity to optimize their service. Predict is one of them. The latter uses AI to make stock markets accessible, predictable, and profitable. It was almost impossible for SMEs to enter the stock market before the release of platforms such as yPredict. Today, all you have to do is buy $YPRED tokens and you’re done.

$YPRED is acquired through pre-sales on the platform. The presale is in its fourth stage and $437,000 has been raised so far. There are four more steps left, with a possibility of an increase in the price of the token. In any case, the YPRED is acquired at $0.05 for now.

As it is a blockchain relay to integrate the stock market, the targets of yPredict are mainly developers, traders, quants, and analysts. Then come individuals or companies aficionados of finance. The predictions given by this blockchain are built by the best Artificial Intelligence developers and quants.

This allows YPRED holders to have a lead over all other players in the stock market. Once a member of yPredict, these prediction offers do not expire.

For novices in the world of cryptocurrency, know that the installation of a wallet or a wallet cryptocurrency is simple. MetaMask and Trust Wallet are the wallets offered by yPredict. MetaMask if you are on the computer and Trust Wallet for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. These wallets are the easiest to use and transactions are optimized there.

Tamadoge – A vast crypto project with many features

Tamadoge - STO Cryptocurrency

Tamadoge Best Crypto STOsis one of the most promising projects of the moment. Its pre-sale recently ended and it has already made a lot of noise in the NFT, crypto, and web3 sphere.

It is a play-to-earn in which it is possible to acquire a creature, in the form of NFT, then raise and feed it to make it evolve.

Once this creature reaches adulthood, it is possible to make it face other players’ adult animals, and a ranking is set up. The higher you finish on the leaderboard, the more rewards you’ll get such as TAMA, the platform’s native token.

In addition, each person with TAMA has the power to contribute to the overall evolution of the project, having a say in the decisions made by the team.

Integrating promising mechanics such as augmented reality, Tamadoge is easily one of the most interesting web3 crypto projects to date.

Cryptocurrency TAMA
Sector play-to-earn
Start of STO N / A
End of STO Early September
Price of a token $0.023


Moonlighting – An STO designed for FreelancersBest Crypto STOs:

moonlighting - sto cryptoMoonlighting is a US-based company whose goal is to offer a decentralized marketplace for freelancers. The platform is already effective since it already has nearly 1 million freelancers to date.

This ambitious project, which can be implemented thanks to the blockchain, is beneficial both for freelancers, who will no longer need an intermediary to work, and customers because Moonlighting’s objective is to facilitate hiring.

In short, it is an alternative to platforms like Upwork or Malt, but in the blockchain. The potential is undeniably substantial, given the growing share of freelancers in society.

Cryptocurrency MOON
Sector Freelancing
Start of STO N / A
End of STO N / A
Price of a token N / A

Monetize – A project to shake up the business model of video games

Monetizr - sto crypto

Monetizr is a project aimed at revolutionizing video games and more specifically the relationship between players and the advertisements they receive. Thus, the objective is to offer a specific experience to each individual and to offer “more authentic” advertisements, more likely to reach them.

Monetize offers brands to sponsor rewards obtained in games, whether they are experience points or additional content. Players can use MTZ, the native token of the project, to buy these virtual items, but also physical items related to the game.

Cryptocurrency MTZ
Sector Gaming
Start of STO N / A
End of STO N / A
Price of a token N / A

Evareium – A real estate-focused crypto STOBest Crypto STOs:

Evareium - best crypto STO

Evareium makes it possible to invest in a fund of unique real estate assets, via tokens on the blockchain. Thus, its purpose is to allow operations to be carried out immediately and without constraint, whereas the ordinary real estate sector is, for its part, much slower and more oriented toward the long term only.

If Evareium succeeds in carrying out its mission, it would offer substantial returns to its investors and immediate liquidity thanks to the tokens offered by the platform.

Cryptocurrency EVM
Sector Real estate
Start of STO N / A
End of STO N / A
Price of a token $1

 SwissRealCoin – A crypto STO aimed at facilitating the management of real estate assets

swiss real coin - sto crypto

The last project in our ranking, and not the least, is called SwissRealCoin. Oriented towards the real estate sector just like Evareium, SwissRealCoin is a security token directly linked to a portfolio of real estate. Its value is therefore changing and its interesting usefulness is concrete.

But the real objective of SwissRealCoin is much more interesting since it is to facilitate and automate the management of real estate assets. All this is thanks to blockchain-based software, MIA (for “Management & Investment Assistant”).

Here too, the aim is to simplify and democratize access to real estate investments for the general public.

Cryptocurrency CBC
Sector Real estate
Start of STO To define
End of STO To define
Price of a token $101

 Open Finance Network – Trading accessible to as many people as possible:

Open Finance Network - STO crypto

As its name suggests, the Open Finance Network project aims to democratize trading and available assets as much as possible. Thus, the general public will be able to take advantage of many business opportunities that were once reserved for a limited segment of the population.

To do this, Open Finance Network has set up a trading platform that is very easy to learn, on which operations are carried out quickly and simply. What’s more, it is expected that significant liquidity will be put in place to be able to reach as many people as possible.

Cryptocurrency OF
Sector Trading
Start of STO N / A
End of STO N / A
Price of a token N / A

AiDoge: An assured STO combining memes and AIBest Crypto STOs

Aidoge - STO crypto

The famous fundraiser called STO or Security Token Offering takes the reins in the acquisition of financial securities. AiDoge, the largest meme generation platform, offers the possibility for those who wish to enter this field, to raise funds with $Ai. Investors are showing their interest in this new initiative, even though AiDoge is very new to the crypto market. The latter uses artificial intelligence to predict the course of the currency, which explains its reliability.

Indeed, the platform lacks stories to tell given its young age. This makes project leaders hesitate to commit to the purchase of $Ai. But be aware that investors, meanwhile, are curious about what AiDoge has to offer. One more reason to hurry to acquire $Ai. This will allow you to do an STO fundraiser on the blockchain. Moreover, the presale started in April and is still in progress. Minutes after the presale kicked off, $105,000 was raised. In any case, internet memes have taken on a higher value since the inception of AiDoge.

During the first stage of the presale, the token was sold at $0.00002600. During the 20 stages of the presale, the price of the token kept increasing. In just 4 weeks, all 20 stages of the presale were completed, bringing the presale to an end. Despite this, AiDoge is still a new ai/meme coin with great potential. So, if you want to invest in this crypto, it remains available for purchase on the counter of the AiDoge site. No investor intends to miss the surge of memes combined with AI.

 Love Hate Inu: the new crypto STO in a presale that follows in the footsteps of successful coins

Love hate inu - STO crypto

Love Hate Inu earns its place among the most buoyant STO crypto projects. Simply put, it represents a very popular social media vote2earn project that allows participants to vote on issues using LHINU tokens. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its fun and interactive platform. Users can vote on controversial character artwork and earn LHINU tokens. The illustrations are often playful and humorous, which attracts the attention of user communities on social networks and encourages their participation.

Additionally, Love Hate Inu uses Ethereum blockchain technology to provide transparency and security to its voting process. This lets users know that their vote is immutably recorded and that the results are verifiable. As a deflationary project, the majority of LHINU tokens are planned for presale (i.e. 90%), and therefore there will be a shortage of tokens that may increase in value.

Although different from Tamadoge, another successful project, Love Hate Inu also has the potential to become very popular due to its playful nature and vote2earn feature. By offering LHINU token rewards for votes, the creators of Love Hate Inu can enable potential investors to join this emerging community.

Of course, it is impossible to predict the future of Love Hate Inu with certainty, however, taking into account the success of similar projects like Tamadoge, digital currency projects with a strong community can attract a large number of investors and become very popular in a short time.

Using your credit card or other means of payment, invest now in its current presale, to have early access to an innovative project. Because it is a project that could change the industry of play-to-earn projects and offer you solid returns on investment.


 Chimpzee: Investing in Blockchain for a Sustainable world-best Crypto STOs

As an STO project, Chimpzee stands out as one of the best in its field. This ground-breaking initiative stands out for its unique approach to crypto and environmental philanthropy.

Chimpzee is much more than just an STO project. It embodies a bold vision that combines blockchain technology with the protection of wildlife and the environment. Aware of the climate emergency and the need to preserve species, Chimpzee is committed to making a real difference.

What sets Chimpzee apart is its unique concept and ecosystem. Indeed, it allows investors to contribute to the preservation of nature while making profits. By participating in the Chimpzee ecosystem, you can not only invest but also earn passive income. It is an interesting opportunity for those who seek to reconcile profitability and ecological responsibility.

In addition, Chimpzee stands out for its transparency and regulatory compliance. By using security token technology (STO), Chimpzee provides additional assurance by meeting legal and regulatory standards. In short, it creates a safe and reliable environment for financial transactions.

The project has already generated a lot of enthusiasm, with impressive fundraising during its presale phase. In addition, Chimpzee has already made significant donations to organizations dedicated to the protection of wildlife and the environment. These concrete actions testify to the real commitment of the team behind Chimpzee. According to experts, the value of CHMPZ (its native crypto) could increase significantly for the second half of 2023. As of now, its value is $0.00064.


You Best Crypto STOs now know the most promising crypto STO projects of the moment! This article will also have provided you with some methods to adopt to identify projects that are interesting from the point of view of the investor.

Whatever crypto STO projects interest you, keep in mind that their growth is not guaranteed. Therefore, never bet more than you can afford to bet.


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