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Due  Buy Cryptocurrency to the rising price of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are of increasing interest to a wider audience. These can be a profitable investment in 2023, provided you assimilate them well and choose a reliable platform. Buying cryptocurrency cannot be improvised. On which trading platform? In which cryptocurrencies to invest? If you are a beginner investor, here is a guide to understand how to buy cryptocurrency and also understand what can you buy with cryptocurrency.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency in France? Top 9 Brokers 2023:

Now let’s see in detail the best sites to buy cryptocurrency in the market:

1 – eToro: Best Crypto Broker to buy cryptocurrency via CFD

How to Buy Cryptocurrency - eToro Best Crypto BrokerIf you want to trade cryptocurrency with confidence, we recommend a secure trading site. And in this case, eToro seems to be the most suitable crypto trading platform. It is a regulated and reputable online broker all over the world. It fulfills the trading expectations of both novice and expert traders.

eToro appeared on the financial market in 2007 and quickly made a name for itself with its ergonomic and user-friendly interface. Come if that were not enough, he has developed a social trading service that allows you to track the crypto positions of the best investors.

In addition, it allows you to trade an average of 16 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin but also Tezos or Cardano. Also, we are delighted to know that the eToro broker accepts a long list of means of settlement. For example, you can buy cryptocurrency with PayPal, via credit/debit cards, or even by bank transfers. Quite frankly, we agree that eToro is the best trading platform out there for buying cryptocurrency.

 XTB: To Buy Cryptocurrency with Low Spreads

where to buy cryptocurrency - XTB logoAppearing on the market in 2015, XTB has spared no effort to titillate other reputable trading sites. This online broker is characterized by strong security since it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Indeed, XTB crypto investors from France trust it enormously. Also, it is available in 12 other countries around the world, with more than 170,000 subscribers.

The broker XTB provides its users with two easy-to-use trading platforms to buy cryptocurrencies. Among others, these are xStation 5 and xStation mobile.

Coinbase: Popular Cryptographic Exchange in France and around the World

Application to buy cryptocurrency - CoinbaseCoinbase was born in June 2012 thanks to the ingenuity of Briand Armstrong. Today, it stands as one of the biggest exchanges for buying cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it supports  11 digital currencies, including Ripple, Stellar, and Litecoin. If you plan to buy the shares, you will benefit from trading on another online brokerage site.

Currently, there are more than 40 million customers who have trusted Coinbase in 102 countries around the world. At the very least, the Coinbase platform is subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and many other American financial organizations. This means that the transactions carried out on this exchange are secure.

Nevertheless, Coinbase is not recommendable for budding crypto investors, as its fees on purchase transactions are relatively high. Thus, fees for cryptocurrency conversions can be up to 2%. Similarly, this platform charges for example a spread of 0.50% when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies.

XM: Best Crypto Trading Site with Very Low Minimum Deposit:

Buy cryptocurrency - XM logo Founded in 2009, XM is a trading site that is worth its weight in gold in the crypto scene when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies. This is a secure platform, especially since it is regulated by CySEC.

XM gives pride of place to crypto traders, as they can buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other booming altcoins in the crypto nautical market.

In addition, we are pleased to know that the XM broker accepts more than 25 payment methods. This is a definite advantage not found in other online trading sites. Finally, opening an XM account is quick and easy. Also, you only need to deposit 5 euros to start trading cryptocurrencies on this platform. What’s more, you will benefit from several training tools.

Bitpanda: Best Crypto Broker with Large Cryptocurrency Supply

how to buy cryptocurrency - BitPanda 

Created in 2014 by Christian Trummer, Paul Klanschek, and Eric Demuth, Bitpanda is a platform dedicated to buying and selling Bitcoins. Currently, we have over 1 million customers using it worldwide. We can never say it enough, the BitPanda broker pays particular attention to cryptocurrency trading.

As such, the site supports more than 50 digital currencies. From then on you can invest in Bitcoin and trade for example Polkadot or Dogecoin.

Again, the Bitpanda offering is suitable for anyone planning to diversify their crypto investment. Moreover, if novice traders benefit from its ergonomic interface, seasoned investors are delighted with the Bitpanda Pro service.

In the end, the cryptocurrency transaction fees charged by Bitpanda vary depending on the cryptocurrency to be credited and its number of units.

Binance: Best Site to Buy Cryptocurrency at Competitive Rates

which cryptocurrency to buy - binance logoCreated in 2017, Binance has managed to rise to the top of the pavement when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. In a very short time, it became the leading exchange, if we stick to the volume of its exchanges.

On this exchange, you have a wide choice when it comes to buying cryptocurrency. Indeed, it offers more than 184 cryptocurrencies. It is a real boon to diversify your crypto wallet. Also, service fees start at 0.1% for takers. In addition, holders of BNB tokens get a 25% discount when they go to buy Binance cryptocurrency.

Binance favors seasoned crypto traders, especially since its purchase process is somewhat difficult. In the same way, you will also find quite complex functionalities there.

Finally, it is important to note that Binance does not enjoy increased regulation. Crypto investors regularly face various disappointments such as the loss of digital assets or acts of piracy.

 Cryptocurrency buy Bitcoin (BTC): Best Crypto Currency for Crypto Trading

what can you buy with cryptocurrency - bitcoinUnquestionably, Bitcoin is and remains the best cyber currency that can exist in the crypto market. Satoshi Nakamoto’s cryptocurrency is characterized by fast and transparent financial transactions when purchasing.

It has the largest market cap on the crypto market. It is right that this virtual currency has become a secure means of payment adopted by entrepreneurs and service providers.

As long as the value of BTC is constantly rising, we have all seen that it has withstood the financial crash caused by the covid-19 crisis.

Ethereum (ETH): Best Cryptocurrency for Smart Contracts

where to buy cryptocurrency in france - Ethereum (ETH)Arguably, Ethereum is considered the second most profitable cyber currency that you can buy with confidence. To be convinced of this, just take a look at its market capitalization and its current price.

Ethereum uses blockchain technology to create smart contracts. Quite simply, please register with an online brokerage platform to buy Ethereum securely.

Take it easy, the value of ETH is on the rise. For example, its price hovered around 9,000% in 2019. But, it experienced a slight drop due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cryptocurrency buy Ripple (XRP): Best Digital Currency for its Stability

cryptocurrency buy - Ripple (XRP)As an open-source currency, Ripple is a cryptocurrency that is adopted by almost 70 banks. This is justified by its deflationary character. And what about its legendary stability which is attracting more and more crypto investors?

Currently, the price of XRP is rising sharply despite the financial crisis due to the coronavirus. It remains a safe investment for all crypto traders. Only, before buying XRP tokens, it is strongly advised to create a crypto wallet to store them safely.

Cryptocurrency buy Monero (XMR): Best Cryptocurrency in Terms of Anonymous Payments

how to buy cryptocurrency - Monero (XMR)Indeed, Monero is also an open-source virtual currency that performs confidential transactions thanks to its CryptNote algorithm. This means that this crypto is suitable for all those who seek anonymity in payments. In other words, XMR does not trifle with the protection of the privacy of its users.

Also, we find that Monero is a less volatile cryptocurrency. This means in other words, you can buy the XMR tokens without any worries. In a nutshell, we are in front of a stable and less risky cyber currency.


By way of conclusion, we start by recalling that several options are available to crypto investors when they ask themselves the question of how to buy cryptocurrency. In our opinion, the best way to buy cryptocurrencies is to use an online broker.

That said, you must first choose a crypto exchange platform that is accredited by financial organizations, this is a guarantee of protection for crypto traders. Second, set your sights on a site with strong liquidity.

Based on the above, an exchange site particularly caught our attention, it is indeed eToro. It is ideal for the novice audience with its intuitive interface and 50 cryptocurrencies available to buy.

The question arises as to which cryptocurrency to buy in 2023. With the many assets available on the market, we advise you to turn to sure values ​​such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. If you want to discover new horizons, promising new cryptocurrencies are also excellent choices.

We cannot end this guide without reminding you that price volatility is a fact in the crypto market. As a result, crypto-buying transactions are risky. So don’t invest all your capital at the risk of losing it.


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