Cryptocurrency Guide: New Tokens, DeFi, DApps & ICO (2023 Guide)


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The  Cryptocurrency Guide cryptocurrency market has been developing at high speed for a few years. Indeed, these assets are increasingly attracting the attention of investors because of their profitability. However, the functioning of this universe seems quite complex. So what are the basics to know before getting started? Find everything you need to know on the subject in this cryptocurrency guide.

Guide to New Crypto Currencies Cryptocurrency Guide

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin remains to this day the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. The asset also holds the top spot in the ranking of the largest market caps in the digital currency market. It is also accepted as a means of payment in several stores or online game platforms currently.

Later, the success of Bitcoin led to the emergence of other interesting and successful cryptocurrencies. Among them, we can for example cite Ethereum, Polkadot, or Dogecoin.

Currently, new digital currencies with high potential are coming out on the market every day. One of the most promising in 2022 is Battle Infinity, a cryptocurrency that wants to revolutionize metaverse games, by creating a crypto ecosystem to offer various opportunities to generate gains for players, but also for investors.

Cryptocurrency Banks: Complete Guide Cryptocurrency Guide

By definition, a crypto bank is a banking institution that supports digital currencies. Here are the 2 essential points to remember about this type of institution:

  • It allows you to manage your FIAT currencies and your cryptocurrencies through a single account.
  • It generally does not have a banking license. Nevertheless, this does not affect their efficiency and reliability in any way.

Many institutions currently call themselves crypto banks. However, we strongly recommend that you inform yourself about the services offered before making your choice. Indeed, while some establishments facilitate transactions and the purchase of tokens, others do not allow crypto investment.

Decentralized Finance: DeFi Guide Cryptocurrency Guide

Defi crypto  or Decentralized Finance has the following characteristics:

  • It is a financial ecosystem that operates without control bodies.
  • Going through trusted third parties to carry out transactions or access financial products is no longer necessary.
  • The system is based on blockchain and smart contracts.

In addition, DeFi has made it possible to overcome the constraints of traditional centralized finance. Indeed, it offers a faster transaction speed. Fees are also lower. But above all, the system is much more secure and accessible to all. In short, decentralized finance has great potential.

ICO: Initial Coin Offering Guide Cryptocurrency Guide

The ICO, or initial token offering in French, is the equivalent of the IPO for cryptocurrencies. Here’s how it works:

  • The ICO is based on the issuance of tokens on the market as part of fundraising.
  • You usually have to exchange these tokens for coins such as Ethereum to acquire them.
  • The sum raised is then used to finance the development or the launch of a fintech project.

New projects are born every day. Thus, ICOs continue in the cryptocurrency market. Some corners also have very high potential for startups and fintechs.

Note that holders of ICO tokens can use them to access the functionalities of the basic platform. It is also possible to exchange them for another cryptographic currency later.

Promising Crypto – Guide 2023 Cryptocurrency Guide

The cryptocurrency market today is very large. Anyone can find an interesting digital asset to make their money grow, regardless of their budget.

Furthermore, even digital currencies under $1 can be promising and offer significant profits. Thus, it is essential to follow these cryptos to optimize the performance of your investment portfolio.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to spot promising cryptocurrencies, especially if you are just starting. There are too many offers and some assets are not reliable. So we’ve put together a detailed guide to high-potential digital currencies to help you out. Click on the link below to access it.

Guide to DApps – DeFi App Cryptocurrency Guide

The term DApps is the contraction of the words Decentralized Applications:

  • These are decentralized and open-source applications based on the blockchain.
  • Transparency is their biggest advantage.
  • All transactions or actions are listed in an incorruptible and tamper-proof database.
  • It is also impossible to erase them, which offers optimal security.

In addition, DApps are closely linked to DeFi and are of paramount importance in the development of this universe. Indeed, they promote the establishment of decentralized finance throughout the world. As a result, they have great potential for usefulness and gains for years to come.


The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving. Moreover, DApps and DeFi protocols are beginning to take up space in the daily lives of Internet users. These ecosystems are indeed more accessible and offer many advantages such as transparency, speed, and security. In addition, promising and high-potential projects are emerging day by day. Consult the various guides that we offer on this site to facilitate your introduction to the world of digital currencies.


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