What is the Most Popular Cryptocurrency of 2023? Top10


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Cryptocurrencies  Popular cryptocurrencies are constantly being talked about. Whether for exceptional gains or innovative projects promising a paradigm shift, they always attract more investors. But what is the most popular cryptocurrency? Which coins promise substantial returns in the months and years to come? You are offered to discover this in the top 17 popular cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC)Popular cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin - popular crypto

It is quite simply the first cryptocurrency to have been created. The one that makes the market today, the one that even surpasses Ethereum. Admittedly, the functionality is limited: we will not have smart contracts like on ETH, however, Bitcoin is not initially intended to be functional. The currency has always wanted to be equivalent to fiat currencies, in other words: it wants to impose itself in everyday life like the dollar or the euro.

With a very strong potential, some seeing it at 1 million dollars in one to two decades for a price in September 2022 of 20,000$, the BTC enjoys its status as a leader. From its status as a market maker and above all from one of the most important ROIs ever seen in the crypto sphere. Few investors have lost money with BTC.

Admittedly, the yield appears lower than some tokens that can make x10 or x100, but BTC remains a safe bet, it is the largest market capitalization, the queen of cryptos, which de facto pushes the largest companies in the world to take an interest in it as a means of payment, from Tesla to Amazon, via many medium-sized e-commerces.

Ripple (XRP)Popular cryptocurrencies:

XRP ripple - popular cryptocurrency

Popular cryptocurrencies are closer to BTC than Ethereum. Ripple does not attack smart contractsIts primary goal is in fact to make international financial transactions faster and cheaper. De facto popular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, wants to establish itself in the financial and fiduciary sphere, by showing itself to be the equal of a fiat currency.

Less adopted than Bitcoin or Ethereum, Ripple still has strong advantages. First of all, Ripple is attacking BtoB, in other words, it is targeting many professional players with its transaction system and its blockchain. Many use it this way or have partnerships with Santander, UniCredit, Akbank, Deloitte, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banker AB (SEB), etc.

Then Ripple has a substantial and documented history, like Bitcoin it is popular. And legendary cryptocurrency remains at the cutting edge of technology without being overzealous. Since the beginning of its creation, XRP has monopolized the top 10 of the largest capitalizations in the world, as much to say: Ripple like BTC is a solid investment, with a lower return, but insurance against crashes.

 Solana (SOL):

solana - popular crypto

Among the top 10 market caps is Solana. A revolutionary blockchain positioning itself as a direct competitor to Ethereum. The fees here are much lower than ETH. The blockchain is carbon neutral from the year 2021. In other words, Solana is a figurehead of the new blockchain ecosystems: cheaper, more mature, and more efficient.

With a significant ROI, the SOL remains a currency still very undervalued in September 2022 with a price of 31 dollars against a plus of 310/350 dollars. We can logically think that with a rebound in the markets, Solana will provide a return of x2 to x8 over the medium term. The long term could be calmer, insofar as the currency has suffered from some breakdowns and some hacks which could give it a financial ceiling of around 350 dollars. In any case, a fundamental point should be remembered: the Solana is revolutionary and could if the planets align, enter the top 5 of the largest capitalizations, which it has already done in the past.

 Polkadot (DOT)Popular cryptocurrencies:

Polkadot - popular cryptocurrency

Among Popular cryptocurrencies, another popular cryptocurrency is the Polkadot. With the first recent version (2020), an ICO amounting to 144 million dollars in 2017, the Poladot stands out as an innovative transfer protocol with a particularly graphic and technical identity.

Being part of the top 10 of the largest capitalizations, the DOT. Unlike Ethereum or Binance Coin, is positioned on a multi-chain technology. In other words: the Polkadot wants to integrate several blockchains and make, in a simple way, a gateway between the various chains.

We find a real dynamic around the proposed technology even though, and this is the big problem, its democratization is struggling today. There are few real developments and investors often attack them, because they are looking for reliable assets and providing an interesting ROI, without being sensational. In sum, the Polkadot is a reliable popular cryptocurrency, which has not yet taken off.

Cardano (ADA)Popular cryptocurrencies:

cardano - popular cryptocurrency

It is simply the co-founder of Ethereum who is at the origin, Charles Hoskinson. Cardano is a popular cryptocurrency competing with Ethereum and Bitcoin, it is also the synthesis of the two blockchains and coins.

From 2021, the currency will even enter the top 3 of the largest market capitalizations, just behind its two competitors mentioned above. Usable since September 2021, Cardano has established itself as a secure and viable blockchain, without being revolutionary like Solana.

Driven by the trend generated around its founder, the corner could in the months and years to come re-enter the top 3 of the largest capitalizations in the world. ADA, therefore, remains a major issue for investors who see it as a counterpart to Ethereum or Bitcoin, whether in terms of aura or terms of history, or technology. A currency that therefore has all the assets to explode and which remains a popular cryptocurrency with many Ethereum fans.

Dogecoin (DOGE)Popular cryptocurrencies:

dogecoin - popular cryptocurrency

How Popular Cryptocurrencies to pass by? Dogecoin stands out as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market and the reason is simple: it has the strongest, most powerful community. The doge is everywhere, since almost always (2013), and even touches Elon Musk who is his main support.

With an unprecedented graphic identity, with an image of Shiba Inu, the. Doge has experienced phenomenal growth, making an x1000 in the space of 7 years, going from 0.000350 dollars in 2014 to more than 0.541 dollars in 2021. The exceptional performance however has a limit: Dogecoin has no limits in terms of funds produced, in other words, the cryptocurrency. Can be mined ad infinitum which tends to some investors. To detach themselves. rom it for fear that in the medium or even long term Dogecoin caps in terms of price. In any case, Dogecoin enjoys such a community that it is impossible to put. It is out of the top 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Binance Coin (BNB)Popular cryptocurrencies:

Binance - popular cryptocurrency

We enter here on a very particular altcoin. Number 1 for the creation of tokens, the Binance Coin is based on the Binance Chain, a blockchain. Equivalent to Ethereum with a different fundamental aspect: the price of transactions. BSC (Binance Smart Chain) fees are much lower than Ethereum. The creation of this popular cryptocurrency, the purchase or sale of NFTs, the Mint of NFTs.  Or the purchase or sale of tokens is 10 to 100 times cheaper than on Ethereum.

Many users come here. Newbies very often start on the Binance Smart Chain. Its trading site (exchange) is one of the most popular in the crypto sphere.

We, therefore, have a fashionable, trendy, widely used blockchain, and among the top 5 of the largest market capitalizations, just behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. In short, Binance Coin remains an enviable asset, its return on investment is exceptional like Ethereum or Bitcoin. Of course, and this is probably its only flaw: Binance Coin, unlike BTC or ETH, has less weight in the digital currency market and is therefore subject to the performance of BTC, and a lesser extent. measurement of Ethereum.

 Ethereum (ETH)Popular cryptocurrencies:

ethereum - popular crypto

Popular cryptocurrencies are the second-world capitalization. The most widely used popular cryptocurrency in the market. An unprecedented blockchain based on a simple desire: to be useful. Offering smart contracts, Ethereum is establishing. Itself everywhere, especially in the NFT sphere, which it largely dominates, with a majority of big names such as OpenSea or Rarible offering it natively.

Founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2014, ETH has long suffered from high transaction fees. A merge and a version 2 should undoubtedly allow investors to pay less, and de facto boost transactions and scale Ethereum.

We can therefore logically think of a growth of Ethereum, something which pushes certain market analysts to see ETH around 30,000 dollars by 2030. An exceptional ROI therefore for one of the cryptocurrencies, if not THE safest cryptocurrency on the market.

It should be noted in this respect that many tokens are present on Ethereum. And that the Binance Chain is for example a copy of the Ethereum Chain. Clearly: ETH is, along with BTC, one of the most popular, profitable, and useful coins on the market. A safe bet.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) Popular cryptocurrencies:

Battle Infinity - popular cryptocurrency

Once again it is a popular cryptocurrency based on the play-to-earn model which monopolizes the first places. Battle Infinity is a token created on the Binance blockchain, a token which de facto and through its ecosystem has great potential.

Allowing players to play and earn cryptos, the Battle Infinity is also attacking the Metaverse. Two aspects that make this token trendy, especially since unlike other assets, the team and the seriousness of the project remain very correct, which makes the investment safer, even if nothing is ever guaranteed.

If many audits have been passed such as KYC from CoinSniper or SolidProof, it is the cryptocurrency business model that will attract investors, as well as its seriousness and its ecosystem. In short: a trendy and innovative token, similar to Tamadoge on the Binance blockchain.

 Tamadoge (TAMA): a new and already very popular cryptocurrency

popular cryptocurrency Tamadoge

Popular cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency is known to followers, less to neophytes, Tamadoge is in line with Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency. Very popular because it is based on an NFT play-to-earn game, Tamadoge is popular. With many investors due to its similarity to the same coins that have exploded the scores in 2021.

With great potential, a classic deflationary model, the Tamadoge stands out. The.New Shiba Inu or Dogecoin: a utility token meme that could very quickly enter the top 100 of the largest capitalizations. Also interested in the Metaverse, the TAMA, therefore, remains a value of choice, especially since the digital currency is deployed. On the Ethereum blockchain, the number of blockchains for ambitious tokens.

In sum and in a clear way: the Tamadoge is one of these fashionable, utilitarian. Innovative tokens capable of exploding overnight and producing returns as unprecedented as those of the most fashionable coins. Important point: it has recently established itself as one of the best crypto pre-sales on record.

Minimum investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max investment. N / A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit/Credit Card (via Transak)
blockchain Ethereum
End of Beta Sale September 2, 2022
End of presale Q4 2022


Conclusion :

As Popular cryptocurrencies you have seen, there are many popular cryptocurrencies. All have different advantages, Bitcoin stands out as a historical Currency and wants to be the equivalent of a fiat currency. While Ethereum and other Binance Coins, Cardano, and Solana. Want to offer them a new way of approaching trade, finance, and transactions.

Coin memes, or tokens attacking play-to-earn, want to surf the NFT and crypto trends, but also Metaverse. As such, the Wall Street Memes stand out as the most popular cryptocurrency and the one to follow very closely.


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