In what to invest today? Where to invest your money in 2023


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When you have a sum to invest, the options are numerous. If bankbooks are the most popular investments, we can also turn to the stock market, real estate, crypto-currencies… Clearly, it is difficult to know what to invest your money in. In this article, we will provide you with valuable advice on how to choose your investments and invest your money as well as possible.

In What to Invest in money in 2023?

What is the best investment? Unfortunately, this question does not have a single answer. The best investment depends on your profile, the capital at your disposal, your investment horizon, your appetite for risk and many other factors.

Moreover, we do not invest in the same way 100 euros, 1000 euros or 10000 euros. In this article, we will therefore review several interesting and very varied investment opportunities. Each investor will be able to find his account, whether you have a small sum to invest or large savings to invest.

To help guide you towards the investment options that are best for you, we’ll review 10 investment ideas in this section, detailing the specifics, advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The scholarship

what to invest in stock market

Investing in the stock market is often the first thought of many people when they want to invest money, but it is a vast field. Concretely, it is a question of buying shares (or other financial securities) then reselling them after they have progressed.

It is possible to invest in the stock market in the short term, to take advantage of daily variations in shares: This is called trading. It is also possible to invest in the stock market for the long term, which allows you to receive dividends , and to limit the risk of losing money since the statistics are formal: Over an investment horizon of 10 years or more, stock market investments are almost always profitable.

What to invest in: Forex

what to invest in forexForex represents the currency market. It is a very volatile financial market, reserved especially for short-term trading. Forex trading is practiced systematically with a leverage effect (knowing that the maximum leverage effect in France for individual investors is 30).

The most popular currency pair in forex trading is EUR/USD , but many forex traders are also interested in other major pairs such as USD/JPY or GBP/USD. As with the stock market, the principle is to sell for more than you bought to make a profit and make money.

Forex, for whom?

Forex trading is definitely for investors who are not afraid to take risks. Indeed, the high volatility of the market and the significant leverage effect offered by forex brokers implies the possibility of earning a lot of money, but also a risk of making abysmal losses.

Why should you invest in forex in 2023?

It’s always a good time to trade forex . Indeed, the currency pairs are numerous, and the volatility is always possible, so that the forex market constantly presents opportunities.

What return to expect on forex?

Forex is a high-risk, short-term trading activity that can show significant returns. Some traders can double their initial investment in a few weeks. For experienced forex traders, a 10% monthly gain target is not unrealistic.

Goldmoney in 2023

gold bars what to invest in

Gold, also known as the yellow metal, is a safe haven par excellence in which to invest. This means that gold tends to strengthen during periods of financial market turmoil.

It is thus often used as a hedge for investments in equities, since we tend to display an inverse correlation with the stock markets.

One can buy gold in physical bullion, via ETFs or futures contracts, and it is also possible to practice short-term trading of gold via CFDs.

Gold, for whom money in 2023?

Gold is a safe investment that can suit everyone and all long-term investment portfolios . But it is also a popular commodity for short-term traders. All investor profiles can therefore benefit from the advantages of investing in gold, for different reasons.

Why should you invest in gold in money in 2023?

Gold crossed the $2,000 per ounce mark for the first time in 2020, and could continue to rise if some specialists are to be believed. The deterioration of the economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic has indeed highlighted the role of gold as a safe haven, and given the time to be expected before the economy returns to normal, the yellow metal risks remain a good investment of money for a long time.

What is the return for investing in Gold money in 2023?

Since the 2000s, investing in gold has shown an average annual return of 9%, making it a good long-term investment. Indeed, since the 1970s, gold has risen by more than 3000% in total. To invest in gold easily, head to eToro by following the link below.

What to invest in: Oilmoney in 2023

oil investment in what to invest

Investing in commodities like oil attracts a lot of people. Oil is with Gold the most traded raw material in the world. And although the oil market has seen many resounding crashes throughout history, this commodity remains essential for economic activity, making it a wise investment.

As with gold, it is also possible to profit from short-term changes in the price of oil by using CFDs.

Oil, for whom?

Unlike gold, oil is not a hedge against falling stocks. It is a volatile raw material highly exposed to many risks, in particular geopolitical risk. Investment in oil is therefore reserved for experienced traders who are mainly interested in short-term trading, via futures contracts or CFDs.

Why should we invest in oil inmoney in 2023?

Oil is arguably the commodity that has been most negatively affected by the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic , even briefly going into negative territory for the first time in its history in April.

Oil is currently at historic lows, and if you believe in its long-term potential, it may be hard to find a better time to buy. To invest, you can use the eToro broker by following the link below.

What return can you expect from investing in oil?

Just like forex, oil is more of a trading business than a long-term investment. It is not excluded to obtain similar returns on oil and forex. A monthly return target of 10% for an experienced active trader is therefore not excluded.

Invest in real estate money in 2023

Investing in real estate is not just about buying a house and reselling it when it has appreciated in value. Indeed, real estate investment can take many forms, such as investment funds, SCPIs or shares in companies that manage real estate.

There are actually options for investing in real estate that are suitable for all budgets, without necessarily having to take out a loan. In addition, real estate investment remains one of the safest in terms of capital appreciation, and often offers attractive returns.

Investing in real estate, for whom money in 2023?

Generally, real estate investments are long-term investments , which require significant capital, although solutions are also offered to investors with small sums to invest. It should also be noted that real estate investment is not very liquid, and that you must therefore ensure that you will not have an urgent need for the funds committed in real estate investments.

Why should you invest in real estate in 2023?

The lockdowns that have been put in place around the world to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the importance of having comfortable accommodation. Thus, the real estate market is one of the few to have resisted the economic ravages of covid-19 well. Unlike other investments, it is also an investment whose value will never drop to zero.

What return for real estate investment money in 2023?

In France, the average return on rental property is 7% per year. It is not the best return available among all the options available to you for investing, but it is compensated by the fact that real estate is one of the best relatively safe investments.

What to invest in: Wine

silver wine

Wine is to be considered as an alternative investment, but more and more investors are being seduced. As with real estate, investing in wine can take many different forms.

The most classic way is to buy bottles, in the hope that they will increase in value, then resell them.

But it is also possible to build cellars online, by delegating the storage constraint. There are also investment funds specializing in wine. Finally, real estate investment and investment in wine can come together in the context of a vineyard purchase.

Investing in Wine, for whom money in 2023?

Investing in wine shouldn’t be your first choice. It is more of a fun investment that will complement an already widely diversified investment portfolio. In addition, in-depth knowledge is necessary to choose the right wines: Above all, you must be a passionate person.

Why should we invest in wine in 2023?

Although the/-term investment . As such, there really is no better time to invest in wine. Moreover, the most prestigious vintages will always find buyers, even in the context of the worst economic crises.

What return for investment in wine money in 2023?

Officially, the average return on investment in wine is between 1% and 4% per year, which is not much. However, connoisseurs can show much greater returns on their wine investment by choosing the vintages in which to invest wisely.


As we have seen throughout this article, the options for investing and the different financial markets in which you can place your money are today numerous . Everyone can find an investment that suits them.

However, not all investments are suitable for all investor profiles.

First of all, you will need to take stock of your objectives. Are you ready to take risks to obtain a high yield or do you prefer security? Do you want to invest for the long term or the long term? How much capital do you have to invest this year?

By answering all these questions, and with the information and advice contained in this guide, you will therefore easily find the investment that suits you best , according to your expectations and your personal situation.

Finally, as we have mentioned several times during this guide, the online broker eToro is an ideal choice for many investment options, with a wide choice of markets to invest in, a user-friendly platform, and unbeatable fees.


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