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A  Best Crypto Presales presale is the perfect opportunity for an investor to buy a cryptocurrency at a low price. This can lead to big profits by reselling your tokens at full price. However, one should invest only in the best crypto presales. To help you, this guide presents the best cryptocurrency pre-sales to invest in.

Ecoterra: the eco-responsible blockchain platform that is revolutionizing pre-sale transactions of its ECTE cryptocurrency

Ecoterra is a blockchain platform that aims to reduce carbon footprint by offering an eco-responsible alternative to traditional payment systems. This Swiss-based start-up uses state-of-the-art technology to enable fast and secure transactions while minimizing environmental impact.

Ecoterra recently launched a pre-sale campaign of its cryptocurrencyECOTERRA, which has been very successful with investors. Indeed, this presale raised more than $10 million in just a few weeks, which testifies to the growing interest in eco-responsible investments.

ecoterra - best crypto presales

ECOTERRA is a cryptocurrency that can be used to make transactions on the Ecoterra platform, but also for more general online payments. It is based on blockchain technology, which guarantees secure and transparent transactions. In addition, the use of ECTE helps to minimize the carbon footprint, as Ecoterra’s platform is powered by renewable energy sources.

Ecoterra is a blockchain platform that offers an eco-responsible alternative to traditional payment systems. ECTE is a cryptocurrency that enables fast and inexpensive transactions while minimizing the carbon footprint. The ECTE pre-sale campaign was a success and testifies to the growing interest in eco-responsible investments. In short, Ecoterra is an innovative company that meets the investment needs of today’s society by offering sustainable and effective solutions.

Deelance: the blockchain freelance platform for secure payments in cryptocurrenciesBest Crypto Presales:

Deelance is a freelance work platform that uses blockchain technology to guarantee secure transactions and payments in cryptocurrencies. This platform offers many advantages for freelancers, such as the ability to work remotely and receive instant payments using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

deelance crypto pre-sale

One of the main advantages of Deelance is its ability to guarantee transaction security using blockchain technology. This means that transactions are verified and recorded transparently, helping to prevent fraud and scams. Freelancers can therefore be sure that they will be paid for their work, while employers can be sure that they will receive quality services.

Finally, Deelance is a great option for those who want to work with cryptocurrencies. In addition to allowing payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum, Deelance also offers the possibility of earning Deelance tokens (DLC) by carrying out transactions on the platform. DLC tokens can then be used to pay transaction fees or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

In summary, Deelance is a freelance work platform that offers many advantages for freelancers. Through the use of blockchain technology, transactions are secure and transparent, transaction fees are low, and freelancers can work in a variety of fields. Additionally, Deelance offers a great option for those who want to work with cryptocurrencies by providing the opportunity to earn DLANCE tokens.

 Copium: Acquire the crypto of the future in presale Best Crypto Presales 

The pre-sale is the perfect time to acquire cryptocurrencies while the price is still accessible. As you will have understood, the moment is crucial if you plan to complete your electronic wallet with $Copium. The Copium Club platform is officially launched in the Uniswap ecosystem this Thursday, May 18. It is a project focused in particular on the generation of meme tokens, a bit like Pepe meme coin which caused a sensation at the time of its launch.

copium - best crypto presale

The $Copium token is therefore available for pre-sale by invitation. This offer is aimed at all investors, but also at the NFT community which is as passionate as it is committed. In presale for a price of $0.001213 for the first 200 wallets, $Copium shows an exponential rise in price in the days that follow. The truth is that 30 minutes is enough to receive a 400% increase in the price, a situation that is not likely to change in the next players. On the contrary, analysts estimate an even greater increase shortly.

And yet, the number of tokens planned for the presale is limited to 300,000,000 million. The launch was done a few hours ago, but a holder has already filled his wallet with 17.8 million $Copium tokens. That said, you absolutely must not delay if you plan to obtain $Copium within the framework of the presale in particular. Once this period has passed, expect an exorbitant price namely that a total of 700,000,000 million tokens are expected after the presale. As you will have understood, Copium Club plans to put on sale a total of 1 billion decentralized tokens.

Despite the increased potential of this project, we must never forget that investing in a cryptocurrency represents risks. It is better to invest only an amount that you allow yourself to lose.

EstateX (ESX): Best crypto presale for Metaverse on real estate best Crypto Presales:

EstateX is a brand new crypto project focused on real estate. The platform wants to make investing in real estate simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Indeed, EstateX will allow anyone to build a real estate portfolio that earns regular passive income with as little as €100.

The platform uses Blockchain to create fractional ownership of real-world real estate investments. By doing so, EstateX allows small capital investors to get started. Thus, those who did not have the means to invest in large properties can do so in small ones.

EstateX - best crypto presales

The ESX is the platform’s native token. All transactions inside EstateX are done with $ESX. To invest in $ESX, you need to join their whitelist. The total supply of ESX tokens is 12.6 trillion, and additionally, 10% of these tokens will be in presale. The registration price is $0.00295. Within the EstateX ecosystem, the $ESX token will serve as a governance token over investment opportunities. Additionally, it will offer holders a variety of benefits through an expanding network of business partners. The EstateX project is just beginning, but the concept is already very interesting.

By registering on the presale list in time, you could get a 50% discount. EstateX is preparing its 4th presale. Investors welcomed this project with great optimism. Indeed, they each quickly bought their $ESX tokens and the first rounds of presale of EstateX tokens only lasted a few minutes. In total, almost a million dollars worth of tickets have already been sold.

EstateX is full of benefits. One of the most important is that which allows an investor to obtain a loan if he lacks liquidity. So rather than selling your shares in a property for cash, opt for an automatic overdraft.

 LunaOne (XLN): Next Generation Web 3.0 PlatformBest Crypto Presales:

LunaOne is a Web 3.0 platform that connects real-world activities to the Metaverse. You can use the platform for shopping, work, entertainment, gaming, real estate, etc.

LunaOne - best crypto presales

To ensure that each character or avatar on the platform is unique, LunaOne uses an NFT. Thus, the avatars will be able to visit all the zones of the world and attend the available activities.

The native XLN token is used for all transactions. For its launch, LunaOne can count on the Binance Smart Chain. The XLN token will start at $0.25. Project creators will keep $0.14 of this amount while foundations will receive $0.05. The remaining $0.02 will go into a prize fund and $0.04 will be used to reward nodes.

During the presale, an XLN token will cost only $0.15. Take the opportunity to buy it. A total of 10 billion XLN tokens will be available. The distribution will be as follows:

  • Distribution: 3 billion;
  • Presale: 2 billion;
  • Marketing and business development: 3 billion;
  • Governance: 1 billion;
  • Liquidity pool and staking: 0.4 billion;
  • Advisors: 0.1 billion;
  • Team: 0.5 billion.

With each transaction with XLN, a transaction fee of 2% is charged. They will then be distributed to all outstanding offer holders. LunaOne wants to offer its users a source of passive income. In addition, holding XLN gives you voting rights. The more you have, the more your rights are dominant. These voting rights are valid for how LunaOne will evolve. In other words, you can influence the development of the platform if you have enough XLN. Stay tuned so you don’t miss the LunaOne presale, it will be one of the best crypto presales of 2023.

. WagerGang (GANG): Best-Selling Crypto SportsbookBest Crypto Presales:

WagerGang’s primary goal is to make sports betting fairer by eliminating the concept of “house edge”. The developers of the project intend to achieve this by removing the odds on sporting events. An automated game pool (APP) will replace them. As with a cash pool, winners will receive a portion of the pool’s overall assets. This is a project to follow with great interest.

Wager Gang - best crypto presales

WagerGang’s services are completely decentralized as they rely on smart contracts. The $GANG is the platform’s native BEP-20 token. The GANG ICO is ongoing right now.

WagerGang relies heavily on its community. By using the platform, you can earn passive income. $GANG token holders participate in making decisions about the platform.

A special collection of NFT WagerGang will be available soon. This should allow NFT lovers to find their happiness on the platform. WagerGang plans fully decentralized governance by Q1 2023, becoming a DAO.

The total supply of the GANG token is 12 million and the maximum supply cap of the token is 20 million. Owners can mint any number of tokens at any address up to the maximum supply cap. Also, there are no fees associated with transferring tokens.

Bonus (BONUZ): Best Crypto Presale for Social Media & Celebrity InteractionsBest Crypto Presales:

The main purpose of this platform is to bring celebrities closer to their fans. Buying an NFT from a celebrity, for example, gives you lifetime access to exclusive content and rewards.

Bonuz seems to be the best new presale for 2022 in the social interactions sector. Indeed, for content producers, it is an additional means of creating and marketing their works. They can create custom tokens for subscribers to purchase.

Bonuz - best crypto presales

The groups of people are in at the moment are businesses and celebrities. Then will come the turn of game publishers and companies. Holders of the BONUZ token, compliant with BEP-20 will have exclusive access to the channels hosted by the associated creator. When you own a celebrity’s token, it gives you access to a channel where celebrities post exclusive content. The more tokens you own, the more benefits you receive from your celebrities. These can be personalized autographed items or annual get-togethers.

The $BONUZ token is deflationary. Thus, investors can take advantage of price increases caused by frequent token burning while simultaneously exposing themselves to project expansion. The Bonuz ecosystem has a total supply of 1 billion $BONUZ. The private and public seed funds, as well as the team, the advisers, the marketing, and the reserve, are blocked and acquired for 48 months. The BONUZ pre-sale has ended. But you can check in for the next one.

Avoteo (AVO): best crypto pre-sale for investing in crowdfunding Best Crypto Presales:

Avoteo is a crowdfunding site with a talent database. $AVO token holders will be able to decide by vote which projects they want to see funded. The most popular projects are then regularly selected and financed from a portfolio fed by a 10% transaction tax. Of this 10%, there will be 4% financing, 3% redistribution, and 3% liquidity. The funded projects will then offer shares to AVOTEO. Finally, the project will redistribute them to AVO holders.

avoteo crypto in presale

In total, there is $500,000,000 offered for presale. This presale was not done in a single round. Indeed, the first round was a public auction where the tokens had a value of $0.01. The money was used to create the platform, launch the Avoteo holding, and pay the staff. Round 2 included selling the token for $0.02 with a minimum purchase of $5,000 AVO. Round 3 is ongoing right now, it’s also a public sale. If you want to buy AVO after the presale, head over to PancakeSwap.

300,000,000 AVO will, partners, and advisors. Thus, 50,000,000 will be for such competitions. 150,000,000 will be referrals. authorities such as Certik, Coinzilla, and Army have audited the Avoteo project. It turns out that it is reliable and secure.

 Leshy Inu (LES): Best crypto pre-sale for investing in meme coins best Crypto Presales:

Leshy Inu may not be the best crypto pre-sale of the year, but it is breaking records. This project is close to Shiba Inu and benefits from its popularity. Its native token, the LES, uses BEP-20 technology.

Leshy Inu provides a platform for trading, staking, farming, referrals, and earning. If you use $LES, the native token of Leshy Inu, you gain access to these services. The project developers want to ensure the token will keep the correct price. Thus, that of the 10,000 being burned.

leshy inu crypto in presaleYou can buy $LES on the Leshy Inu website there is a presale right now. When the Leshy Inu ecosystem is fully up and running, 3% of all token sales will then go to charity. Also, 0.5% of the total is to various holders. Leshy Inu finally plans to add a lottery and a dedicated NFT collection to its platform.

 Sleep Care (SLEEP): Best crypto pre-sale for investing in sleep health Best Crypto Presales:

For Best Crypto Presales: For those who like to sleep, Sleep Care will probably be the best crypto pre-sale of the year. Sleep Care (SLEEP) is a blockchain-based “Sleep-to-Earn” app built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project aims to improve the quality of sleep in its community. For this, the platform uses data collected from users’ smartphones.

Sleep Care crypto presale

Users receive $SLEEP tokens for getting at least five hours of sleep. The Sleep Care mobile application allows you to participate in the project and receive your earnings. Sleep Care will even set up monthly leaderboards. Thus, monthly are to users with the cycles.

You must purchase 500SLEEP to participate in the project. A total of 50 million SLEEPs are available. The presale is in progress, you can buy some on Pancakeswap.


In Best Crypto Presales: short, investing during a presale can allow you to earn significant gains. In addition, you participate in an emerging innovative project. All metrics considered, Wall Street Memes, Launchpad XYZ, Ypredict, and Ecoterra are the best crypto presales of the year.

Never forget to check the seriousness and reliability of a project yourself before investing. We will always provide you with the factors to consider when evaluating a crypto platform.


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