7 Best Crypto Arbitrage Scanners in 2023: Streamline Your Trading with These Automated Tools


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7 Best Crypto Arbitrage Scanners in 2023: Users of Bitcoin arbitrage scanners can profit from price variations across several cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders can use cryptocurrency arbitrage scanners to determine the optimal platforms to purchase and sell a specific cryptocurrency to maximize profits.

Crypto arbitrage, in its simplest form, is a trading technique that takes advantage of price differences for a specific coin across different cryptocurrency exchanges. Arbitrage is founded on the idea that you can profit from a price difference by purchasing an asset at a lower price in one market and selling it at a higher price in another.

The top arbitrage tools for trading with a competitive edge in 2023: The top 7 crypto arbitrage scanners

The top seven cryptocurrency arbitrage finder, trader, and scanner platforms are listed below. All available tools support leveraged trading, stop loss and take profit orders, risk management tools, and other sophisticated choices in addition to arbitrage trading.

1. The top overall cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platform

ArbitrageScanner covers both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The scanner is one of the most complete tools on the market, supporting more than 70 CEX exchanges, more than 30 DEX, and 20 blockchains.

ArbitrageScanner scans the decentralized exchanges on ten significant blockchain networks:

  • Ethereum
  • BNB Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Fantom
  • Gnosis
  • Klaytn
  • Aurora

ArbitrageScanner is the top overall cryptocurrency arbitrage.

When a token is cheaper on Arbitrum than Optimism, ArbitrageScanner can identify price disparities and notify users, potentially opening up an arbitrage opportunity. The only scanner that supports cross-chain arbitrage, which has a better potential for profit margins than intra-chain arbitrage, according to the platform.

Additionally, the platform has a screener function that enables users to create their criteria for locating arbitrage bundles. The bot will notify users when matched bundles are found based on the exchanges, currency, trading pairs, and profit levels that they have specified. Users can then carry out the trades manually or automatically by a bot. According to the platform, this option is appropriate for newbies because users can exchange numerous coins daily and have a tiny balance.

There are four monthly membership plans for Arbitrage Scanner, with prices ranging from $69 to $999. The least-priced subscription offers a 30-day trial period, while the more expensive programs include turnkey scanner setup, voice curator help, and entry to a private community. All users of the platform can also get free arbitrage training.

Verify our ArbitrageScanner review if you want to learn more about this platform.

Key features:

  • Supports over 30,000 crypto assets and over 70 CEX and 30 DEX
  • Scans DEXes across 20 different blockchains
  • Automatically searches for bundles for you and sends you notifications according to the desired parameters
  • You don’t need to have coins in your portfolio to use the scanner; you can arbitrage coins by quickly buying on one exchange and selling on another
  • Notifies users about cross-chain arbitrage opportunities
  • Only provides notifications, has no access to users’ crypto
  • Users with a Pro plan above get access to a VIP Manager
  • Private chat with experienced arbitrage traders

2. Coinrule – A platform for beginners that aims to simplify cryptocurrency trading

A user-friendly automated tool called Coinrule was created to make trading cryptocurrencies more accessible and efficient. It enables users to develop and implement trading strategies without requiring them to have advanced technical skills or knowledge of coding. Numerous pre-made template strategies are available for traders, or they can create their own based on the characteristics they specify. Coinrule provides many trading pairs and is available on several cryptocurrency platforms.

The persons of Coinrule can establish trading rules and conditions through a visual interface, making it simple for them to put their plans into practice. Users can specify specific events or market conditions that trigger certain actions, such as purchasing, selling, or executing other trading orders, in these rules, which are based on straightforward “if this, then that” logic. Users can use leverage trading tactics for cryptocurrencies and standard orders to broaden their market exposure.

Key features:

  • Create rules based on popular indicators (RSI, SMA, etc.)
  • Up to 50 live trading rules
  • Unlimited template trading strategies (only in the “Pro” plan)
  • Up to 10,000 executions per rule
  • Leverage strategies
  • Market and limit orders

3. Cryptohopper, an arbitrage trading platform powered by AI

Cryptohopper is an AI-powered trading bot for the cryptocurrency markets that executes trades for users using sophisticated algorithms. It can access user accounts and trade with them by connecting to cryptocurrency exchanges. By automating essential trading procedures, Cryptohopper aids traders in increasing productivity and profitability. Users can personalize the bot by adjusting parameters like trading pairs, buy/sell signals, and stop-loss levels. They could also utilize templates.

The bot continuously scans the market and places trades by these parameters. It can use techniques like technical analysis and signals from outside sources. It can also use the data from Binance’s arbitrage scanner and analyze the triangular arbitrage scanner. Users of Cryptohopper may keep track of deals, examine historical data, and change settings using a web-based interface. Additionally, backtesting is available for analyzing methods against historical market data.

Key features:

  • Scan markets with up to 75 trading bots
  • Manage all exchange accounts from a unified terminal
  • Advanced price trailing features
  • AI-powered trading bot
  • Copy trading and trading templates
  • Dollar-cost averaging, market-making, short selling, and arbitrage options

4. Bitsgap is a bot trading platform that uses templates to take advantage of arbitrage possibilities on all major exchanges.

A trading bot and platform for cryptocurrency markets is called Bitsgap. Establishing an API-critical connection to the users’ exchange accounts automates trades for the users. The tool promises to make trading easier and improve tactics. The user can customize parameters, including trading pairings, indicators, and stop-loss levels,

The bot continuously scans the market and places trades by these parameters. For gaining access to many exchanges, real-time market data, and performance monitoring, Bitsgap offers a uniform interface. Additionally, it provides arbitrage opportunities by looking for price differences among more than 30 digital assets. Additionally, customers can use the demo trading mode to test their tactics.

Key features:

  • Build GRID and DCA strategies with trading bots
  • Smart orders to control risk-to-reward ratio
  • Customizable Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Take Profit, and OCO orders
  • Supports limit, market, and scale orders
  • A trading terminal that connects to all popular exchanges
  • Pre-made trading bot strategies

5. 3Commas, a cryptocurrency trading and arbitrage platform with a native app store

The trading platform 3Commas is well-liked among cryptocurrency arbitrage traders. It provides tools and features to help users with trading, portfolio management, and implementing methods that depend on locating advantageous exchange rates. Users can configure automated trading bots with particular parameters, such as the amount of leverage to use, or manually trade using the user-friendly SmartTrade terminal (bearing in mind that employing power in the cryptocurrency market is high risk and may result in significant losses).

A “Demo” account allows users to practice trading without risking real money, and a “Copy Trading” function will enable users to follow successful traders. Triangular arbitrage opportunities may be found using the platform’s portfolio management tools, individualized notifications, and backtesting capabilities for strategy evaluation. Additionally, 3Commas enables developers to use the service’s infrastructure to publish their apps in the 3Commas app store.

Key features:

  • Smart trading terminals (SmartTrade and Terminal features)
  • Options bot, HODL bot, and GRID bot with trading presets
  • Easily integrate signals into your bots
  • Copy trading with seamless bot integration
  • Advanced analytics and charting tools
  • 3Commas Apps marketplace featuring user-deployed trading apps

6. Binance-powered automated trading platform Trality

Trality is a platform for bot trading that offers several distinctive features, such as Trality Wallet and Trality Code Editor. One of the most significant cryptocurrency arbitrage scanners is Trality Wallet, which enables users to trade on margin (by borrowing money from a third party) or by spot trading. Because Binance powers the Trality platform, fees (which start at just 0.01%) are decided by the business’s top cryptocurrency exchange.

Users of margin trading now have more alternatives thanks to the Trinity Code Editor function, which enables individuals familiar with Python programming to code their bots. As all trades and trading methods on the Trality platform are encrypted and cloud-based, you don’t need to be concerned about the security of your trading account. Users can rent their trading bots on the Trality Marketplace to make extra money.

Key features:

  • Create and rent trading bots via the Trality marketplace
  • Trinity Wallet allows users to trade hundreds of crypto assets
  • Trality Code will enable users to code their bots
  • Earn passive income by monetizing your Trality bots
  • Unlimited backtests
  • Increase your buying power with up to 3x leverage ratio

7. Pionex, a cryptocurrency exchange with robust trading bot capabilities

A cryptocurrency exchange called Pionex strongly emphasizes offering its users robust automated trading options. Users of Pionex can trade and acquire crypto assets in their “physical” form on the spot markets, or they can speculate on future prices on future needs. Users can also generate passive income by staking Ethereum and using other interest-bearing services.

The DCA Bot, which can be particularly useful for beginning investors, and the Rebalancing Bot, which enables users to build their indexes and specify trading criteria, are the two main bot options on Pionex. Pionex also offers additional trading bots, such as the leverage and margin GRID bots, which match the company against some of the largest crypto margin exchanges in digital assets.

Key features:

  • Spot and Futures trading options
  • Bot, Manual, and Swap trading modes
  • Leverage and Margin Grid bots (with Reverse and Leveraged Reverse grid options available)
  • Stop-loss, take profit, and trail orders all within a single trade
  • Users can deposit both crypto and fiat funds
  • Pre-made bots for sideways, bullish, and bearish market scenarios

Describe the operation of cryptocurrency arbitrage scanners.

Bitcoin arbitrage scanners find price differences between digital assets on several trading platforms. Real-time price monitoring enables traders and investors to exploit potential arbitrage opportunities.

Arbitrage scanners can evaluate the potential profit (a profit that could be realized by executing an arbitrage trade), assess risks (such as the cost of transaction fees), and track the price of assets across many exchanges. Additionally, some arbitrage scanners, like the ones we’ve covered in this article, let traders use the power of pre-programmed bots to react to price fluctuations.

Different types of crypto arbitrage opportunities

In the cryptocurrency arena, traders can take advantage of a variety of arbitrage possibilities, including:

  • Exchange arbitrage occurs when the price of the same cryptocurrency differs on multiple exchanges. Traders can profit from the price differential by purchasing the asset at a cheaper price on one sale and selling it at a higher price on another.
  • Cross-Border Arbitrage: The practice of profiting from price disparities between cryptocurrencies traded on various exchanges in different jurisdictions. Traders can benefit from cross-border arbitrage by taking advantage of variances in supply and demand, regulatory regimes, and liquidity.
  • Triangular arbitrage is a method that involves taking advantage of price differences between three distinct cryptocurrencies. Traders might profit from the price imbalance by executing various trades across various exchanges. Using triangular arbitrage without the assistance of crypto arbitrage scanners and automated trading tools is nearly impossible.
  • Statistical arbitrage identifies trends and anomalies in cryptocurrency pricing by applying statistical models and algorithms. Traders hope to profit from projected price convergence based on historical data and statistical analysis.
  • Inter-exchange Arbitrage: This is the practice of profiting from price fluctuations between the same cryptocurrency listed on several exchanges. Traders can benefit from the price differential by purchasing the asset at a lower price on one sale and selling it at a higher price on another.
  • Risk Arbitrage: This arbitrage involves taking advantage of price differences caused by events like airdrops, hard forks, or other market occurrences. Traders might benefit by taking advantage of the price movement produced by these events.

Crypto arbitrage opportunities

It’s worth noting that crypto arbitrage opportunities might be time-sensitive, necessitate swift execution, and involve risks. Because traders must act quickly to profit from arbitrage opportunities, they frequently rely on crypto arbitrage finder services and automated arbitrage trading bots, which allow them to work in seconds and take advantage of pre-made trading orders that can be executed without human intervention.

Bottom line: Traders seeking arbitrage opportunities in the crypto market have numerous possibilities.

Top crypto arbitrage scanners enable traders to remain ahead of the game and capitalize on ephemeral price disparities by employing powerful algorithms and comprehensive market monitoring. They allow efficient analysis of numerous exchanges simultaneously, saving traders time and effort.

It’s vital to remember that arbitrage trading entails risks such as market volatility, transaction fees, and withdrawal limits. However, having the correct arbitrage scanner in your arsenal significantly increases your chances of success in detecting and capitalizing on profitable arbitrage opportunities.


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