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What if we told you that there are a few ways to get free cryptocurrency? This post will discuss the various sorts of cryptocurrencies you may obtain, how to receive free bitcoin, and how to avoid cryptocurrency fraud. I wish you luck while you read!

There are numerous free ways to make money using bitcoins. You can make an indirect income without ever purchasing any tokens through a variety of affiliate programs, airdrops, or simply by keeping cryptocurrency in your wallet. There are numerous ways to earn free cryptocurrency without investing, but they all pay users into different Tokens (cryptocurrencies) that they can either withdraw or swap (for Bitcoin or other Altcoin) before exchanging them for fiat money like USD.

We will solely look at ways to earn cryptocurrency in this article without making any investments. Here are a few articles on how to make money through investment if you wish to earn cryptocurrencies by investing in various coins:

  • Lending money or making deposits in a cryptocurrency allows you to earn interest.
  • Use the most lucrative PoS currencies for the staking process.
  • By purchasing coins that regularly provide dividends on cryptocurrency holdings
  • By burning coins, you can earn cryptocurrencies.

13 Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Let us look into the 10 major ways to earn free cryptocurrencies without actually investing or buying any token.

By downloading a crypto wallet

Yes, you can earn free crypto tokens just by downloading and completing the setup. Here  I am sharing a few topmost crypto multi-cryptocurrency wallets and the process to grab free tokens. These wallets are safe to store your cryptocurrencies in one place. Below is the list of wallets:

Atomic Wallet: Claim your free 15 Atomic Wallet Coins (AWC):

  • Download Atomic Wallet and complete the setup.
  • go to settings ->airdrop
  • fill in your email id and use promo code: 172G5R to get 15 free AWC coins.
  • Earn extra by sharing your referral link with others.

Participate in affiliate programs

The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges have a referral or affiliate programs. The Bitcoin affiliate programs are the most well-known. Simply signing up for a Bitcoin affiliate program and promoting its products is all that is required. The platform will give you a referral link that you may post on your website or share with your friends, and family, and on social media. You may also manage your advertising campaign. For each sign-up or purchase your buddy makes, you receive a commission.

You will also receive a passive commission if your friend again recommends others to the link and receives payment in return. This system, known as the Tiered Referral System, aids in the development of a trading network. There are several referral programs; major ones include Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Brave, Atomic wallet, Genesis Mining, and Codex.

Example of the affiliate programs:

Coinbase: you can refer the user to create a Coinbase Wallet for their cryptocurrency and get a reward amount of $10.

Xcoins.com:  Xcoins.com is a marketplace where users can buy Bitcoins. It offers an attractive affiliate program where every user referred through your referral link will get $10 while you will also get the same amount of $10 for each referred user. Along with this, you will get a lifetime commission of 20% of the fee paid by the user you referred through your affiliate link. Join Xcoins.com Affiliate Program.\

Start browsing on Brave Browser (Free BAT Tokens)

Many internet users use Google Chrome or Mozilla browsers, which force them to see a ton of adverts on every page, for hours at a time. In actuality, the first few search results on Google will display two to three adverts.

Free, quick, safe, and open-source, Brave is a web browser that rewards users for using it to browse the Internet. Brave employs a completely new methodology in which users are compensated for viewing advertisements while browsing the internet. In exchange for sharing 70% of the ad money with the user who is browsing the website, Brave substitutes website advertisements with their own.

Install the Brave browser on your PC and mobile device, then conduct your typical internet browsing.

Promote crypto project token sales and earn bounties

Another approach to obtaining free cryptocurrency by offering your abilities or services is through bounty. Exchanges may engage your services if you are skilled in coding or developing apps, and in exchange, you will receive free coins through bounties. Developers have a great potential to make money by offering a security protocol or spotting fraud in the blockchain. By posting on social media and participating in community forums, non-developers can also get money. A project can be promoted via Facebook, Twitter, the Bitcointalk forum, articles, YouTube video reviews, etc.

Earn by completing the task

Participating in “faucets” is another well-liked technique to earn cryptocurrency for nothing. These tokens, which are given in modest amounts, are used to carry out activities. You may, for instance, use the dogecoin faucet to get free dogecoins.

Users can earn rewards on Earn. con platform for finishing tasks and responding to emails. They have worked with Coinbase to establish a platform that allows students to earn money while they learn. Verified individuals are invited by Coinbase, and they can get money by completing tasks or answering questions. As an added incentive, this gives users the chance to learn more about cryptocurrency and the site.

Users of the Coinbase Earn program must first educate themselves about cryptocurrencies and tokens by watching instructional videos before they may earn them by completing skill-testing quizzes. Seems easy, so here’s how you get going:

Lunarcrush: earn free crypto browsing

If you deal in futures, options, or any other kind of sensitive derivative, you’ve probably already been to Lunarcrush. It’s among the best free cryptocurrency screeners accessible. Using social media data and impending press announcements, it predicts how a coin will fare over the coming days. The cryptocurrency LUNR was created by Lunarcrush, which is presently awarding 65,000 LUNR tokens daily. You can easily assert your share if you continue to be active on the Lunarcrush website.

Your consistency and the amount of time you spend on the website browsing social data for various tokens will influence how many tokens you earn each day. Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 35 LUNR tokens, you can withdraw them to your Metamask or Trustwallet for storage.

Use Publish0X to earn cryptocurrency by reading or writing articles 

A news website called Publish0X splits its advertising revenue with its users. On our website, it doesn’t matter if you create or consume content. No matter if you’re an author or just a reader, you can earn cryptocurrency for nothing. In less than a minute, sign up for the site using your Facebook or Twitter account, then browse the articles they post. The incentives that readers get when they tip authors from the free rewards pool of Publish0X are split between the reader and the author.

Because authors make more money than readers, you must apply if you want to write books. After 24 hours of receiving it, they’ll review your work. From this point on, it’s up to you to decide how engaging and visually appealing your content will be. You can make extra money if the readers appreciate it and tip you.

Publish on Steemit.com to Earn Free Tokens

Make money on Steemit.com by using these 5 original methods.

  • You can get paid for writing blog entries about blockchain technology or for sharing comments on the Steemit website.
  • You must be attentive to the caliber of your content when blogging. You can make a solid living from your writings if you have a sizable fan base.
  • Bitcoins that can later be converted into currency are used as payment for rewards.
  • Making relevant comments on blog posts and casting community votes is another simple way to make money on Steemit.
  • Leese your STEEM strength. You have more STEEM power the more followers and higher post rankings you have. This is a special technique to truly lend your STEEM power and receive cash in return.
  • Join the Steemit platform as a Curie Curator. A group called Curie supports talented writers.
  • A single upvote can have a significant impact on a blog post and can earn up to $80. Thus, if you want to make some extra money, become a curator whose job is to locate postings of good quality.
  • A group called ADSACTLY (Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively) compensates authors for uploading their work on their blogs. Being a writer or editor can earn you money.

Signup and referral bonuses on the exchange

To increase their user base, many cryptocurrency exchanges welcome new users by giving them free cryptocurrency. You ought to benefit from this chance to get tokens for nothing. The most common and straightforward strategies used by different exchanges to reward their consumers are registration incentives and referral schemes. Below is a list of the top registration and referral incentive schemes offered by the biggest exchanges.

For instance, Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange with millions of customers, has made sure that you profit from its reputation. It provides a great referral program that rewards you with up to 40% commission on the trades made by your friends after they begin trading. Visit Binance

Another illustration is Bybit Exchange, where you can receive a $20 bonus if you register via a friend’s referral link. You can also provide your referral link to your friends, and you will receive $20 in your trading wallets for each successful signup. A reward card worth up to $500 will also be awarded to you with every trade, and you can unlock new reward cards each time you meet a basic trading volume milestone. You trade more when the rewards are greater. You will also receive coupons, prizes, and other rewards for finishing the required tasks.

Using kucoin’s KuMEX referral program, you can invite friends to sign up for the exchange. Once they complete a legitimate trade, you receive a reward. The icing on the cake is that you will receive a 0.005 percent commission for the following year whenever you buy or sell cryptocurrency on KuCoin. Enroll in Kucoin Exchange.

Crypto faucet

This is how microtasks function. An app or website known as a “crypto faucet” rewards users with bitcoin for performing easy tasks like watching cryptocurrency movies, downloading software, or finishing crossword puzzles. When you hit a certain level, you can withdraw some or all of your Bitcoin or other cryptos from your wallet. Have you still had no idea what a cryptocurrency faucet is? The cryptocurrency benefits are akin to water coming out of a faucet in that they are less than those from other methods. You can still earn money by doing tasks, but you’ll need to hold out on cashing out until a sizable sum is linked.

Earn crypto by watching videos

Coinbase: Videos to Watch for Education: One of the most well-known bitcoin exchanges in the world, Coinbase, created the learning platform called Coinbase Earn. Learning and comprehending the foundations of cryptocurrencies and their blockchains might yield you rewards. All you need to do is create a free Coinbase Earn account and watch their educational videos. Most of these videos focus on different kinds of cryptocurrency. Each movie is about two minutes long, so you won’t get bored while watching them. They also have a lighthearted tone to them. After each film, there is a one-question test that you must pass. When you have finished watching the videos and passing the quiz, Coinbase Earn deposits the same cryptocurrency you learned about into your Coinbase wallet.

View videos and complete quizzes on Phemex Exchange. A cryptocurrency trading company called Phemex will pay you to watch instructional videos. Like Coinbase, Phemex requests user registration before allowing them to see their bitcoin training videos. The Phemex courses include the fundamentals to get you started as well as some challenging material for crypto-geeks. Simple tests on the subjects covered in the course will be needed of you. Once you’ve answered these queries, Phemex will deposit up to $10 in bitcoin or trade bonuses into your wallet.

Be Aware of Cryptocurrency Scams

While you might be looking for the easiest way to use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to make money, you should be on the lookout for fraud and scams. Scams are most frequently carried out using a clone crypto browser or social media. Fraudsters frequently create fake cryptocurrency browsers and use them to access their digital wallet. If you don’t pay a ransom, they might demand money from you or threaten to leak your details. To prevent this, you must pay close attention to the web browser you’re using.

Make sure the URL contains a small lock icon to signify a safe website and that it begins with HTTP. Also, you should only use well-known and reliable websites rather than brand-new ones that advertise free cryptocurrency. Social media scams are also rather typical. Several bot accounts on social media post advertisements. While many sincere individuals use social media to advertise their cryptocurrency, you should be able to distinguish between real individuals and bots. When an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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