What Are the Best Cryptos to Buy During a Crash?


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For the Best Cryptos the past few months, the main crypto-currencies, in particular Bitcoin and Ether, have fallen sharply. And that, with the sharp rise in inflation and US rates. Thus all risky assets have experienced a real crash, it has thus become complicated to invest in new crypto projects likely to experience an explosion in their prices. Nevertheless, some cryptocurrencies deserve attention, especially in times of crisis. Indeed, a crash does not mean that there are no investment opportunities. Find out here which are the best cryptos to buy during a crash.

Binance, benchmark cryptos to buy during a crash:

Binance - crypto to buy during the crash

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native ERC-20 token of Binance. The platform which was built on the Ethereum blockchain. Binance has mined a maximum of 200 million BNB tokens. Its primary goal is to power FX and trading on its platform while providing convenience and affordability to traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

With Binance Coin, you can trade over 150 cryptocurrencies on the stock market using a fast, secure, and affordable matching trading system. Additionally, Binance Coin has trading pairs to suit your specific needs.

Binance Coin also allows you to get a 50% discount on trading fees. If you buy cryptocurrencies for an amount of $10,000, you will have to pay $10 with the classic payment methods. On the other hand, if you use Binance Coin, the transaction fees will be halved, i.e. you only have to pay $5.

With over 160,000,000 BNB in ​​circulation and a market capitalization of over $50,000,000,000, this crypto remains one of the best performers in the market. Its price is currently over $300.


  • BNB is the third-largest capitalization
  • Binance Trading Fee and Offer Discounts
  • BNB offers many trading possibilities
  • One of the most successful cryptos in history


  • BNB and BSC are too centralized

 Ecoterra, crypto to buy during a crash that encourages environmental preservation:

The Ecoterra project aims to encourage people to recycle using blockchain technology. This green cryptocurrency aims to fight the harmful effects of climate change by encouraging people to adopt environmentally friendly practices such as waste management, cleaning, and tree planting. By breaking down the barriers that prevent people from taking sustainable action, the project uses blockchain to raise awareness of the importance of being green and encourage the practice of waste sorting.

Project details

The “Recycle2Earn” application named Ecoterra has a certain potential to contribute to the protection of the environment by financially rewarding individuals who recycle. In exchange for collecting recyclables, users will be able to receive cryptocurrency. In addition, the platform plans to create a marketplace for recycled materials as well as carbon credits. The possibilities of this project are immense and the presale as well as the fundraising for Ecoterra are progressing rapidly.

ecoterra crypto green - crypto to buy during the crash

Due to increasing environmental concerns, individuals are increasingly opting for more nature-friendly assets. The blockchain could also bring a significant improvement at this level. Among the many green cryptocurrencies that have been launched over the past two years, Ecoterra stands out for its unique features. Find out below the reasons that make this project different from other sustainable cryptocurrencies.

  • Ecoterra encourages individuals to recycle. Ecoterra stands out above all by making recycling with its recycle2earn ecosystem a habitual practice.
  • It is a solution for businesses. It will be usable by companies with more substantial recycling needs.
  • Ecoterra educates the masses about recycling. Ecoterra aims to set up an eco-responsible education platform as one of its short-term priority objectives.

Love Hate Inu: The Best Cryptos to Buy During a Crash

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) is the best crypto for a crash due to its revolutionary nature that combines blockchain power and meme entertainment. This crypto offers a voting system to allow users to voice their opinions on hot topics and get rewarded for it. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure voting security, transparency, and reliability.

Purchasing Love Hate Inu Tokens can be done using cryptocurrencies, credit cards, or fiat currency. The Love-Hate Inu presale will start on 08/03/2023 and ends on 08/05/2023, during which 90% of the tokens will be sold at a token price, with a total cap of $10,068,750. Love Hate Inu is the best crypto for a crash because it offers an easy-to-use online voting platform with an intuitive user interface, a voting submission platform for new ideas, and an admin dashboard to monitor votes assets.

Love Hate Inu - crypto to buy during the crash

Project details

Participation in voting can be done by simply connecting one’s wallet and staking tokens to increase one’s voting power. The token wagering system prevents spam and manipulation. The voting process is anonymous and secure. Participants are rewarded with more tokens for their use of the platform.

Love Hate Inu is an ever-evolving project that offers a unique opportunity for investors to be part of a community that cares about their opinions and is rewarded for it. Join the Love Hate Inu movement, voice your opinion, and earn valuable tokens, while choosing the best crypto for a crash. Also, check out the Love Hate Inu whitepaper to learn more about the platform and how it works. It should be noted that Love Hate Inu is currently on presale, don’t miss this chance.

 Tamadoge, an innovative P2E crypto to buy during a crash:

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a crypto project offering play to earn features and reward benefits for players. Matador is the native cryptocurrency of the Tamaverse, a game that revolves around doge.

The main feature of the game is the presence of Tamadoge pets and unique NFTs mined using smart contract functionality. Players can purchase these pets with TAMA Tokens from the Tama Store, each of which has its unique characteristics, advantages, and weaknesses.

Tamadoge - crypto to buy during the crash

Tamadoge pets can be bred and used in monthly competitions, where top performers are rewarded with tokens from “doge pools”. A project that has the potential to be one of the best cryptocurrencies, especially in times of crash.


  • Tamadoge (TAMA) offers popular play to earn features
  • Each pet or NFT has unique characteristics
  • Top players earn token rewards regularly
  • The possibility of investing in a unique project in the world of the popular Doge


  • The project is still young.

Lucky Block, the decentralized lottery:

Riding the same wave as the first token in this ranking, Lucky Block is positioned. As the third most promising crypto, Lucky Block is a decentralized raffle game project. Lucky Block is an innovative crypto gaming platform hosted on the Binance Smart Chain.

Lucky Block - buy crypto during the crash

The Lucky Block platform thus offers a draw where everyone is a winner since 10% of the jackpot will be donated to LBLOCK holders. Thanks to the blockchain, Lucky Block can offer fairer and more transparent raffles, while offering greater chances of winning for each participant.


  • BLOCK offers a unique raffle games project on a leading Blockchain
  • The chances of winning are more numerous and the transparency of the project better
  • LBLOCK Was The Fastest Crypto To Hit $1 Billion In Capitalization
  • There are already tens of thousands of active accounts since the creation in January 2022


  • The risks are much more numerous in such a recent project

Ethereum, second market cap:

Ethereum - crypto to buy during the crash

Ether is one of the main cryptocurrencies that is expected to rise in 2022 or even explode. It remains the second most well-known cryptocurrency and could shine this year. She is even ready to steal the show from Bitcoin. The Blockchain Ethereum is moving to Proof of Stake (PoS) soon. Many mistakenly thought it was completed in December 2020, but that was just the start of the process.

Moving to Proof of Stake will happen over a series of upgrades and isn’t as easy as flicking a switch. Thus, while the transition was to be completed in 2021, it will probably be in 2022.

Ethereum is the native land of thousands of crypto projects. There are said to be over 200,000 ERC-20 compatible tokens on the Ethereum network. Although affected by the crisis in the cryptocurrency sector, this token remains one of the most competitive. It is positioned at a value of $1800.

With a market capitalization of more than $200,000,000,000, the price of Ether has been growing strongly for a month. Now might be the best time to buy Ether, if you missed the Bitcoin boom, you shouldn’t miss the Ether boom.


  • Ether is the second-largest capitalization
  • Migration to the Propf of Stake should drive prices up sharply
  • The Ethereum Blockchain is the foundation of hundreds of thousands of crypto projects
  • Ether certainly has one of the biggest current potentials with DeFI and NFTs


  • Ether has become too correlated to large traditional assets like stocks

 Battle Infinity, the first Fantasy League cryptos to buy during a crash:

Battle Infinity is a metaverse-like gaming platform combining elements of the GameFi, NFT, and DeFi ecosystem. The concept imagined by the project team is therefore simple, to create a revolutionary Fantasy Sports game.

Battle Infinity - crypto to buy during the crash

It uses the principle of Play to Earn games, that is to say, win in-game rewards following your matches. The rewards can take the form of tradable NFTs, having a real value that you can acquire and play during your competitions. The price of these cards will depend on their rarity, but also on the performance of football, basketball, and other players in the real world.


  • IBAT has a current very popular principle of play to earn
  • Earned NFTs are tradable
  • Opportunity to earn rewards regularly
  • Opportunity to invest in a unique and ambitious project


  • The Battle Infinity project is still young:

Bitcoin, the figurehead of cryptos to buy during a crash:

Bitcoin - buy cryptocurrency during the crashBitcoin is the pioneer crypto. It is a unique cryptographic model. Its value assimilated to digital gold, the number of BTC tokens being limited to 21,000,000 by 2140. Its capitalization is currently approaching $450 billion, and its price has risen above $24,000.

Bitcoin is expected to rise again in the second half. Yet institutions continue to invest in BTC and continue to create new investment products, exposing them to Bitcoin without actually owning the product. This creates a much greater demand for BTC. This will only progress as the price of Bitcoin increases.

Bitcoin is also the least risky investment on this list because it is the most popular investment and institutional investing makes it safer. In addition, Bitcoin has become legal tender in several countries, such as El Salvador, and certain companies have invested massively, such as Microstrategy or Tesla.


  • Bitcoin was born out of the subprime crisis and has the longest existence in the crypto world
  • Bitcoin’s maximum supply has been defined in the white paper and will reduce over time
  • Bitcoin is the crypto that has seen the biggest explosion in its price since its creation
  • Bitcoin is becoming institutionalized with banks, states, and companies


  • Bitcoin is no longer as diversifying and has become too correlated to US stocks

    Where to buy cryptos during a crash?

    There are different ways to buy cryptocurrencies on the internet. You will have the option of going directly through the official website or an online trading platform.

    Buy cryptos on the official website:

    Most cryptocurrencies have their official sites such as Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, or Lucky Block. It will then be possible to be able to buy tokens directly from them.

    tamadoge - buy crypto during crashFor example, by going to the Tamadoge site, you will only have to click on the “Buy” or “Buy” tab and then connect your wallet. You can use your MetaMask wallet or connect to another wallet by scanning the available QR code.

    tama walletOnce this action has been completed. you will then need to exchange your ETH or USDT for TAMA. If you do not have these tokens, then you will need to obtain them from one of the most reliable trading platforms on the market. Once the purchase operation has been validated, you will have to wait for the end of the TAMA presale to benefit from your tokens.

     Deelance, a revolution for freelance jobs:

    The arrival of Deelance set off alarm bells among all promoters of freelance platforms, even the most important ones. This platform aims to be more liberal and gives advertisers the possibility of paying even with crypto-currencies. Before going any further, let’s see who Deelance is.

    Project details

    The Deelance project aims to create a freelancing platform using blockchain technology. Its goal is to facilitate collaborations between clients and freelancers by creating a transparent, decentralized, and secure work environment. This blockchain-based platform is growing in popularity in the Web3 arena. It has already raised more than $281,000 during its presale in the space of a few weeks and promises to be a revolution for the freelance market.

    Cryptos to buy during an deelance crash

    Deelance uses a native token called DEAL to facilitate transactions on its platform. Users can buy DEALs with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. These tokens will then be used in exchanges between freelancers and customers who use the platform.

    It should be noted that investing in cryptocurrencies is risky and investors. Should be aware of significant price fluctuations that may occur. It is recommended to do thorough research before making an investment decision.

 AiDoge is the best alternative for memes:

The AiDoge project is an innovative meme generation platform, which allows users to create relevant memes using advanced artificial intelligence technology. With user-provided prompts, users can easily create memes using crypto news and meme data.

This is made possible through an AI-powered meme generator, which is one of the main features of the platform. The platform also offers a credit system based on AI tokens and text prompts, which allow users to buy credits and use them to create memes.

Project details

By delivering an AI-powered meme-generating experience, AI Doge is revolutionizing the meme-making industry by providing real-world utility. Besides, the platform also allows users to easily share their memes on social networks, which makes them more accessible and helps them reach a wider audience.

Finally, AiDoge is an innovative project that brings real value to users by providing an AI-powered meme-creation experience.

aidoge - crypto to buy during the crash

AiDoge represents an alliance of trending elements in the cryptocurrency market, namely memes and artificial intelligence (AI). This currency has been booming lately, as have currencies such as Pepe Coin, Conflux, The Graph, and Singularity all in these hot slots.

Although there are other currencies with similar names, such as Arb Doge AI. AiDoge is considered the most authentic, thanks to its useful and real offer: meme generation. Users can use this currency to create memes with the help of artificial intelligence technology, an option unique to other cryptocurrencies in the market.


the Best Cryptos crypto crash often brings great concern and panic can grip the market. This then leads to a domino effect on all cryptos. However, these periods can constitute opportunities and under certain conditions, become very interesting. It may therefore be a good time to invest in the cryptos in this guide, such as Wall Street Memes, Ecoterra, Deelance, or Predict.


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