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To invest in the Best Crypto-Currencies, you do not necessarily have to sacrifice astronomical sums. In this guide on the best cryptocurrencies under 1€, we will see which are the most interesting low-cost cryptos. We will also present the advantages of this kind of cryptocurrency and give you some tips to start investing today.

Ecoterra, the first Recycle-to-Earn Best Crypto-Currencies for less than €1:

ecoterra crypto for less than 1€

Through the Ecoterra app, you will now be able to link your recycling efforts to cryptocurrency rewards. Scan the barcode of a recyclable object, such as a plastic bottle or an aluminum can. Then, to wait for instant correspondence with the Ecoterra database.

The application then indicates the nearest recycling station (RVM machine). You can drop off your containers there and get a printed receipt. You will receive $ECOTERRA tokens or $USDT to your Ethereum address by taking a photo of the receipt via the app. It’s a simple and effective way to contribute to the environment.

The Ecoterra project is well in tune with the times. We discussed several emerging schemes interested in the same niches: IMPT, Carbonable, C+Charge, etc. The market is gigantic (more than 6 billion € annually), and there is room to succeed. An economic model that targets multinationals Very concretely, what type of company could need Ecoterra? We immediately think of brands very committed to sourcing eco-friendly materials. Patagonia, The North Face, and H&M, leaders in the sustainable and outdoor fashion industries, can benefit from the platform by using eco-friendly materials.

DeeLance, a serious competitor to the freelancing giants:

Deelance - crypto for less than 1€

The world of freelancing is not all rosy, even though it attracts many freelancers yearly. Indeed, many people make a career out of it, but for others, finding a job is an endless battle. It is for this reason that many platforms bringing together freelancers have emerged. They serve as bridges between companies and freelancers around the world. In return, these platforms receive a percentage from the employer and the freelancer.

Among these freelance platforms, Upwork is one of the most popular. In 2023, it has over 2 million freelancers and over 40,000 corporate clients. However, Upwork faces many problems, including $566 million in debt over time.

All these setbacks negatively affect these hiring platforms, and freelancers are now looking for safer alternatives. This is when the DeeLance project entered the field of online recruitment. The blockchain-based platform has one goal: to revolutionize the freelancing market. As a Web3 platform, its popularity is growing day by day. Within weeks, she managed to raise over $281,000 in presale. Its crypto at less than 1€ is the DLANCE and already shows great potential.

Algorand: DeFi crypto for less than €1

Algorand - crypto for less than 1€

Algorand is relatively new to the market. Created in 2017, the platform has set itself the challenge of creating a completely decentralized ecosystem where traditional finance and decentralized finance could meet.

To do this, Algorand provides its community with tools so that users can create tokens and smart contracts. This way, everyone can create new assets to join the current economy.

While mainstream DeFi thinking focuses on ending the centralized economy and a fully autonomous era, Algorand breaks new ground and offers an exciting transition. With enjoyable means and tools within reach of the most significant number, Algorand stands out by providing ALGO, its crypto, for less than 1 euro.

The current value of ALGO is $0.37 and looks set to rise soon. Indeed, since public interest in crypto and interest in DeFi is topical, the potential of ALGO is boosted, and its price thus tends to increase.


  • Defi from a new angle
  • A token at the heart of the news
  • An ambitious project

Cardano: The sub-€1 crypto that works according to science:

Cardano - cryptocurrency under 1 euro

Born in 2015, the Cardano project claims to be “the first blockchain project developed using a scientific approach” by its creators. Created by engineers and scientists, Cardano is, first and foremost, an open-source blockchain and innovative contract platform. Due to its nature, Cardano makes it possible to develop apps and offer new protocols.

What makes Cardano famous is its algorithm. While most other sub-€1 cryptocurrencies use Proof-Of-Work, Cardano uses Proof-Of-Stake. Without going into more details, Cardano is, therefore, exceptionally efficient and promising regarding sustainability, scalability, and adaptability.

The interest of the Cardano community is growing and pushes the value of ADA, the native token of the platform, to be constantly evolving. Also, be aware that Cardano has several “eras,” or several time steps that the platform follows to the letter, and that with each era, the value of the ADA tends to increase.


  • An original and unique project
  • An interesting scientific aspect
  • A scalable value

Ripple: Best Crypto-Currencies under €1 falls under SWIFT

Ripple - crypto for less than 1€

Created in 2012, Ripple presents as an alternative to the SWIFT international payment system. Faster, innovative, and simplified, Ripple tries to offer a healthier and more sustainable alternative to international payments.

If Ripple does not aim to revolutionize anything, it offers a crypto-currency at less than 1€ baptized with the same name, under the name “XRP.” With a current value of around $0.38, XRP is notably influenced by announcement effects. For example, a tweet from the CEO of Ripple in 2017 was enough to create a real spike in market value.

Best Crypto-Currencies under €1. It is Ripple’s collaboration with banks that makes its main strength. Indeed, they are sometimes unsuccessful because financial transactions go through intermediaries. To remedy this problem, Ripple puts itself at the service of banks by offering its blockchain and crypto-currency.

Relatively stable for the past three years, Ripple (XRP) represents a safe gateway for anyone wishing to invest in crypto for less than 1 euro. Despite its relatively regular value, XRP can often earn exciting interest.


  • Rather stable
  • A safe bet
  • Good Reputation

Lucky Block: Win Crypto Prizes

Lucky Block - crypto for less than 1 euro

Lucky Block is for you if you are a lotteries fan and are looking for cryptocurrencies under 1€. Based on a simple lotto system, Lucky Block offers participants the opportunity to win “real” prizes (when writing this article, the site offers a contest to win a Lamborghini ), NFTs, and BLOCK, the platform token.

To participate, you must buy and hold a token or NFT that you will store on Lucky Block. At the end of the period defined by the platform, the prizes are distributed according to a lottery system between the players. However, one thing must be qualified: Unlike a classic lottery, on Lucky Block, the greater the number of participants, the more you increase your chances of winning.

Precursor and leader in its category, Lucky Block, has long broken through the codes of the successful token. While its volatility is sometimes impressive, the LBLOCK permanently stabilizes and represents an excellent investment for medium-term buyers.


  • Innovative
  • Interesting volatility
  • Leader in its genre

Tamadoge: The new P2E token meme still at less than €1

Tamadoge - crypto under 1 euro

Announced as the future competitor of Dogecoin, Tamadoge (TAMA) is positioned as one of the best cryptocurrencies at less than €1 with great potential. The Tamadoge is actually from the game of the same name.

In Tamadoge, the player must acquire creatures, train them, and then make them fight. A new Play-To-Earn game, Tamadoge mainly allows players to accept cryptocurrencies for free.

According to a game system inspired mainly by Pokémon, Tamadoge allows anyone to acquire TAMAs and use them in the game or even outside of it. To win in-game TAMAs, you will have to win as many fights as possible.

Indeed, each fight you win will earn you Doge points. These Dogepoints will help you climb the general ranking, and at the end of each month, Tamadoge will reward the best players by awarding them TAMAs directly from the Dogepool.

The TAMAs ​​will allow you to buy other items in the game shop to make your creatures more assertive and combative. Tamadoge’s potential is exceptionally high, and presales are currently taking off.

Advantages :

  • Young and promising token
  • From a Play-To-Earn system
  • Accessible
  • Decentralized

 Love Hate Inu: the best cryptocurrency under 1€ to express your opinion.

Love Hate Inu - cryptocurrency for less than 1€

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) is a revolutionary token that combines the power of blockchain with the entertainment of memes. This project mixes user opinions with voting power, allowing participants to voice their opinions on hot topics and be rewarded. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure voting security, transparency, and reliability.

Love Hate Inu can be purchased using cryptocurrencies, credit cards, or fiat money. The presale of this meme token will start on March 08, 2023, and end on May 08, 2023, with 90% of the tickets sold at a token price and a total cap of $10,068,750.

Love Hate Inu offers an easy-to-use online voting platform with an intuitive user interface. The platform also features a vote submission for new ideas and an admin dashboard to monitor ongoing votes. Users can participate in voting by simply connecting their wallets and staking tokens to increase their voting weight. The token staking system prevents spam and manipulation, while the voting process is anonymous and secure. Participants are rewarded with additional tokens for their use of the platform.

It is one of the best cryptocurrencies under €1 for investing in an innovative platform.


Cryptocurrencies under €1 are a good gateway for all new investors and beginners in crypto-currencies. Not only is this type of crypto accessible to all exchanges, but it also allows each holder to benefit from all the advantages linked to cryptocurrencies.

Generally, keeping a few tokens at less than €1, such as WSM or Launchpad XYZ, in your wallet is preferable. Even if you are the lucky holder of 10 BTC, low-cost cryptocurrencies can allow you to experiment with specific investment techniques without risking irreparable losses.


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